Mad Max preview – the Road Warrior returns | Metro

Metro: "With a new Mad Max movie on the way the makers of Just Cause are working on a game tie-in, but does it have what it takes in a post-Fallout world?"

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Anthotis1940d ago

I have a lot of faith in this game now that i have discovered it is been made by the Just Cause guys.

I'm really looking forward to this.

steven83r1940d ago

Sounds good but dammit i am sick of reading articles on this. The game was shown at the E3 booth and was played by a developer. Seriously for fucks sake you can't release the gameplay you showed!

Gamesgbkiller1940d ago

I think the game was in pre-alpha.

Gamescom is happening soon :)

Plagasx1940d ago

I wanted Just Cause 3... :(

TEZ-RaViNlUnAtIk1940d ago

fingers crossed on this one!