Company of Heroes 2 (PC) | FTG Review

FTG Writes: Who is the greater enemy, the one taking over my country or my comrades shooting me in the back?

Every soldier on the field becomes important. Gathering resources becomes worth the lives of a few to save many. Using the terrain to your advantage is as important as having bullets for your rifles. Sadly this was the reality of the Russian defense during World War II. The scenario doesn’t fully reflect the type of pressure you’ll be under in Company of Heroes 2. Every single mission puts you at odds with Germans attempting to beat down your door straight into Moscow. However, that isn’t your only threat. While the Russians had a vast advantage of numbers, they were often outgunned, poorly trained, and undergeared. Capturing that gut wrenching feeling in a video game just never feels right. After all, World War II wasn’t exactly a high point for the history of man. But does Company of Heroes 2 do it justice?

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