Special Eevee Edition 3DS XL Latest Pictures

The Special Eevee Edition will be available in a very limited number between May 15 to June 3. For this beauty, you have to enter a raffle to be in with a chance of having the privilege to buy one for 18,900 Yen. The raffle begins on 15 May and ends of 3 June.

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FullmetalAlchemist1934d ago

To bad Eevee's not on the front

megatron007331934d ago

Yep! That's a drawback. Not even a small one.

megatron007331934d ago

I'd go for 3ds xl if only there is naruto version of it.

fattyuk1934d ago

Raffle ends 3rd June.

You post this on 30th June.


megatron007331934d ago

It's screens of the eve edition

slivery1934d ago

Meh I dig the retro lines but man that brown and white is so 60's. I guess they had to do that scheme but still just saying the retro feel with that brown was just a bad choice.

They could've done a lot more with that in my opinion. I guess it couldn't be like the pikachu one either cause eevee's face isn't that iconic.

Avalanche1934d ago

will nintendo make a Scyther version of anything! wtf!

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