How Need for Speed Rivals Competes With Other Next-Gen Racers

In an interview with IGN, EA Labels president Frank Gibeau explained why he thinks Rivals stands out from the pack, plus commented on whether he thinks Need for Speed will continue to be an annualized franchise.

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windblowsagain1989d ago

NFS Needs a good rest. Abit like Assassins creed.

Bathyj1989d ago

Tell me about it. Which one is this again? Didnt one just come out?

I'm not even following it anymore, its all just a blur of releases that seems to come out every 6 months.

I'm sure its not that often. I told you, Im not following it.

Skate-AK1989d ago

Close. It's a yearly release like AC and COD.

LackTrue4K1989d ago

nice!!! its finally becoming a film...(and im saying nice, cuz it looks better/more interesting an the same thing F&F has done OVER AND OVER)

As for the game its self.....on interesting thing about it, its one of the first next gen racing game... Q_Q

1989d ago
Retroman1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

I dont think Rival have what it takes to compete with GT,FORZA,GRID,PROJECT CARS,DIRT but it is better than Critierions 2 disasters. Hotpursuit/Mostwanted. now if only Ghostgame studio leave out the drifting as in burnout we'll have a re-born NFS. Im looking forward playing RIVAL.

USMC_POLICE1989d ago

Disasters? They were as high rated as the series classics. Hot pursuit was amazing most wanted needed a bit more but was still great. Or you may be one of those tools whom are butthurt because they can't pimp out a civic. But no they were far from disasters.

Retroman1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

yes!! Disasterous compare to blackbox studio HOTPURSUIT 2,UNDERGROUND 1 & 2 also compare to the first 7 NFS on ps1
I play NFS daily with some buddies we all hated!!! criterion version reminded us of profu'king streets lame. now the graphic was awesome. but they both reminded us of BURNOUT which neither of us like. guess you can say we are die hard ps2 NFS fans. i rather have Blackbox studio up grade HOTPURSUIT 2 graphic in the liking of rival,hotpursuit,mostwanted

Baka-akaB1989d ago

Disaster ? those were the only NFS worth playing this console generation

USMC_POLICE1989d ago

To each his own I guess I still play hot pursuit on PS2 almost once a week and I also bought a gamecube just for the version as well. I also played the hell out of my ps1 copy and still owned that and I loved the new hot pursuit but I also love burnout so idk.

jimbobwahey1989d ago

This is the most impressive and more importantly, fun looking next gen racing game in my opinion.

Reborn1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

I hope Rivals is good. I just wish for a proper sequel to NFS: UG, and NFS: MW.

With you know, in-depth customization? I do hope another Midnight Club comes next gen though.

ExitToExisT1989d ago

To me 'Rivals' looks exactly the same as 2010 Hot Pursuit.

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The story is too old to be commented.