Complaint Denied: Nintendo loses dispute over domain name

In February, Nintendo of America filed a cybersquatting complaint against the owner of with the World Intellectual Property Organization, in what seemed like a slam dunk case for the video game company. A decision in WIPO Case Number D2013-0322 was posted to WIPO’s website Saturday and Nintendo has lost.

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Blankolf1990d ago

That's exactly the problem, the domain is already owned.

Octodad is obvious.

LOL_WUT1990d ago

You can't always win them all ;)

chaos-lockheart1989d ago

But you can always catch them all

Murad1989d ago

If you played the Pokemon games for the GBA, you'll realize that your statement is incorrect.

Blackdeath_6631990d ago

i wonder when the WiiU domain was made if it was made before the wiiu was announced or revealed then nintendo don't have a case and maybe that's why they lost out

nukeitall1990d ago

Nintendo still has a case because they own the trademark for Wii. I'm confused why Nintendo lost?

oh well, whatever.

Elwenil1990d ago

Looking at the registration, it seems the domain record goes back to 2004. If that's the case, I can understand why Nintendo lost the claim. I imagine the owner is looking forward to making Nintendo pay out the nose for the rights to that domain.

Blackdeath_6631989d ago

thanks for the info there is no way the person who registered that domain back in 2004 would have known that nintendo will actually make a console called the Wiiu nintendo should have just bought it rather than file a complaint now the owner will surely ask for a bucket load of money. the wiiU is a stupid name anyways. also why doesnt a company ask one of their employees to secure any domains they require under their name (not the companies) before hand that way people won't know what the company is up to and the domain is safe with one of their employees

dark-hollow1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago ) Http://

Lol what the hell? The first one looks legit but I don't know what the second website is about.

Jagsrock1990d ago

The wiiu site is just bizarre. I don't get the point of the site either.

Angeljuice1990d ago

The point of the site is simply to exist. That way Nintendo have to pay big for the domain name. It strengthens the new owners claim to that domain.

pixelsword1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

That WiiU site is barely not squatting; that site is just a shell; I hope Nintendo learned a lesson and keep the name under wraps until they get the site.

I hope those guys get no money from this either lol

Angeljuice1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )


A trademark is for a particular product. If you called a new car 'wiiu', it wouldn't be affected by the trademark. Nintendo let the domain name license expire and were too slow to act on re-establishing it. Well played to whoever took it, should be expecting a fat cheque soon (or a team of ninja-monkey assassins may visit you in your sleep).

pixelsword1989d ago

Bananas will help you escape.

Every. Single. Time.

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