Why People Love Valve And Steam – Ten Simple Reasons

There are a lot of comparisons out there between digital distributors on PC and marketplaces on other platforms. We often hear that just because someone has a digital distribution platform it's “just like Steam”. However, that's not always true and there's a reason why people have grown to like and even love Steam, as well as Valve, the private company that operates the service. Here are some of the basic reasons why people have fallen in love with Jedi Master Gaben and the Steam-powered network.

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Prcko1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

I wish Steam would lose less time turning our profiles into advertisements and more into adding other features

-Better Library organization/customization tools
-Faster Customer support system

cyguration1963d ago

Hmm, the library organization is almost fine as it is (I love having my games displayed with large icons as it gives me the feeling of a kid roaming through a game store to choose a game to play)

But I do agree that they need better, faster and more quality customer support.

papashango1963d ago

I've been a member since 2003 and I can only think of 1 occasion where I had to contact customer support...No issues really. Just cancelled a pre-order and there was no fuss.

starchild1963d ago

I agree. I love browsing my library with the large icons. Anyway, I like the options.

BigPicture mode is nice when I play on my TV.

peowpeow1963d ago

I prefer the list. It makes my library look humongous :D

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pompombrum1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

The one reason I really love steam and M$ take note.. they actually give people real incentives for buying digital. Their sales are the best around and at the prices I buy stuff for, who cares if I can't resell it as I wish!

Lol though, reading through this list, Microsoft execs really should bookmark the url and make it the first and last thing they read every day for a year. Maybe then, they'll grasp how to get console people to warm up to the idea of their initial vision instead of force feeding it to us.

Also their customer support is top notch. Had my account hacked and email changed once, despite not actually covering the requirements to have my account reset, I provided a huge amount of account info which was clearly enough to prove I was the original owner.. didn't get a standard "sorry without "x" info, we can't give you your account back" copy and paste BS but instead had it reset with no extra problems.

peowpeow1963d ago

I had this happen too. Initial steam ticket took a bit of time but they reverted the account no questions asked

jeffgoldwin1963d ago

Except that ms and sony also give your deals of the week on digital games, so aibreeze your whole point is invalid.

Smelly1sam1963d ago

I have never seen a full blown game (that is not old) be under $20 for a sale and on top of that never seen a sale of 90%.

TekoIie1963d ago

Don't forget the new trading card system! Now that is how you do micro-transactions EA.

I think the trading card system is genius. Just play the game and if get any cards you add them towards the badge or if you don't care, just sell'em and save the money for a new game!

This system benefits everyone which is rare in buissness.

iistuii1963d ago

The sales are great. But lets not forget the new games are STILL either the same price or more expensive than the retail copy, which shouldn't happen. I'm a steam fanatic, but for new games I shop around & buy a steam code from an online outlet due to the new game prices on steam. Metro last light £34.99 I paid £24.00 Grid 2 £29.99 I paid £17 COH's2 £39.99 I paid £23. Like I said. Sales ar great, just knock down the new release prices. But maybe it's the developers that sets the new game prices..

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Blankolf1963d ago

There's only 1 MAJOR thing, the discounts! They reach as low as 10 dollars, what bargain is that?

And also the free trial weekends!

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