E3 2013: DayZ Standalone Interview | "Matt Lightfoot was part of the original team that made the DayZ mod for ArmA II at Bohemia Interactive. He's now part of the team that is creating the new DayZ Standalone that will improve almost every aspect of the original DayZ mod."

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Smoovekid1963d ago

Hopefully we will get it on PS4.

cyguration1963d ago

Since any dev can register to become a PS4 dev without needing a publisher or a whole lot of money, it should be easy for Bohemia to get signed on.

The only downside might be the patching, because they're going to have to patch this game a lot to get it in working order.

Reverent1963d ago

Which doesn't really matter since patching a game on the PS4 will be free;)

Rocket already talked about this, so we may very well see a PS4 version.

1963d ago
Jarhead17761963d ago

Bring it on and patch away!


If this comes on PS4, I wonder will there be cross compatibility where PC and PS4 gamers will be able to play together.

RedSoakedSponge1963d ago

Damn Rocket! Release that Alpha!! XD

BABY-JEDI1963d ago

When is someone going to give us a release date on DayZ.
: (

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