The Last of Us showcases unrivaled immersion (Examiner)

The Last of Us is almost a game spawned from ideas of hardcore survival horror fans that takes into effect a slow pace, limited ammo, item looting and crafting, and discreetness. All of these things, while attempting to create an immense experience and engrossing story, help to create the most complete and compelling survival horror game in recent memory.

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adorie1939d ago

I can barely stand the wait to play this game. Friend is finishing up her playthrough soon and I will be able to experience "unrivaled immersion" :D

CrossingEden1939d ago

there are plenty of games more immersive then the last of us,its really too "gamey" to truly be immersive

hulk_bash19871939d ago

Your argument is too "stupid" to be valid.

CrossingEden1939d ago

your comment is too much of a personal attack for you to have that many bubbles

hulk_bash19871939d ago

I'm not attacking you personally, it's your argument I find stupid/illogical. That's the difference.

Valkyre1939d ago

nice knowing that your personal opinion is stated as if it is some kind of universal truth......

too bad 99% of the gamers disagree with you.

adorie1939d ago

Wat. Your comment is contradicting, imo.

Pintheshadows1939d ago

Slowly you are getting down to one bubble CrossingEden. You massive, blatant, troll. Just give up. Go sit in a corner somewhere and suck your thumb.

CrossingEden1939d ago

"omgerrd, you don't think the last of us is the most immersive game ever made, TROLL"
-this is the logic of your comment -_-

Pintheshadows1939d ago

To be honest CrossingEden I find all of your comments abhorrent. Every single one I have ever seen on here has been trolling nonsense. You are, without doubt, the worst troll currently operating on this website. The worst thing is you don't even see it. That is pitiful. At least Mika is funny.

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ThatEnglishDude1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

The world of 'The Last of Us' feels very natural and real in its execution. It's an incredibly convincing environment and yes, can immerse you. This is until the AI does something stupid or you see some glitch that just kills the mood. But before you hit that 'disagree' button, please understand that I'm not as naive to think that this is the only game with glitches or questionable AI, they practically ALL do. The problem is though, is The Last of Us does such a good job in selling us the idea of this post-apocalyptic world with brilliant writing, superb acting and a great narrative that whenever we notice something even slightly off or 'gamey', it sticks out more than it would in most other titles. It's biggest strength is also it's weakness.

As for other immersive games, I still hold the original Tomb Raider up there. Yes, I could count the amount of polygons on one hand and yes, it's very dated - but the lack of music, lack of any obtrusive HUD or menu's really absorb you into the level you're exploring. You feel so isolated and alone and often left with nothing but the sound of your footsteps and faint echoes in the distance. You feel vulnerable...and that's what I find immersive. The Last of Us for the most part did the same thing, except with very good visuals, storytelling and atmosphere - it was also a bit hard to expect the actual game side of things to hold up as well.

So go ahead, disagree with my post for saying something against what is arguably the best game I've played in the last 6-7 years.

Tyre1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

@Thatenglishdude Well said, i agree wholehearted. This is the certainly the best game i've played in years & incredible immersive. An experience! I has muscle pain from the tension on my 1st playthrough, what a game! Naughty Dog thank you for giving us such a great game!

CoryHG1939d ago

Spot on BRO. Why I couldn't give it a perfect. I guess the 10's come from absolute love for the story.

dethpuck1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

The only thing that pulls me out of it is my ps3's fan it's so freaking loud

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