Gran Turismo 6 Silverstone Gameplay and Replay - Team VVV

VVV: "Just in time for the British Grand Prix this weekend, our last look at Gran Turismo 6 from E3 takes place on the iconic Silverstone circuit, which makes its belated GT debut.

Join us we take you for a ride in a high-powered Nissan Deltawing and experience the action from a multitude of viewpoints."

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badboy7761937d ago

Any HD videos? All I see are these off-screen gameplay videos.

franko1937d ago

Yea, really crappy video. And turn off that assist line damn it! Who drives with that?

Knushwood Butt1937d ago

Nobody, yet this clown managed to totally ignore it and plough through the kitty litter.

Me-Time1937d ago

I hated this one, even though his other GT6 videos that I saw before seeing this one are good.

And I don't think he's driving. He knows what he's talking about, which points to someone who regularly plays GT so you would think he'd slow down ahead of time to avoid having awful results. Watch the video he has about Willow Springs, the driving is tons better.

Knushwood Butt1937d ago

Correction: this guy sucks.

guitarded771937d ago

I don't know if I can handle GT6 releasing alongside the PS4. GT5 consumed some 500+ hours of my life, and I'll have to divide my attention between the PS3 and PS4. This is why I wanted backward compatibility. First world problems :/

karl1937d ago

damn i didnt thought about that..

thats areal world problem...

i will probably bring my ps3 up to my room and put the ps4 on the living room of my house...

anyway all tv these days have more than 2 or 3 HDMI ports but it will look weird having both consoles right next to your tv

guitarded771937d ago

Yeah, I built a custom shelf/cabinet/thingy out of solid oak for all my in use gaming systems. It cost about $300 in wood and parts, and about a week of evenings in the garage, but it's awesome. All my friends are envious.

It houses two 24" Sony 3D monitors, a PC, PS3, 360, Vita and Wii U (PS4 incoming). Charge cradles for all controllers and Move. I bought HDMI splitters and routers, so all the systems are hooked up. I have a remote that can switch which system is playing, and have downloads running in the background on another system, or have PC running on one screen and a console on the other.

I highly recommend doing something like that. It's a great project and makes gaming more enjoyable with the ease of access. I have all the wires run through the back, so you don't see them, and my speakers and subwoofer hidden too, and my headset on a nice hanging stand.

My wife and I plan on building our new home next summer, and I have a 400 sq ft loft upstairs for my video games, guitars and other stuff. I'm currently designing a complete custom shelving, desk system to inset on a wall. It will house all mu gaming stuff and my amplifiers for playing guitar. I'm stupid excited. I'll also have the space to get a race wheel too :D

badboy7761937d ago

This is why next-gen should've waited one more year!

Knushwood Butt1937d ago

Lighting and replay angles much improved.

Me-Time1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

Definitely. The overall consistency of the visuals are noticeably better. I wonder if we'll notice as great of differences in the tracks GT5 currently has that aren't going to be getting time change or weather effects. Autumn Ring seems to have time change, and being a fun "cornery" track that's good for drifting, I would really love for there to be weather available.

Knushwood Butt1937d ago

Love how all the bumps, like touching the kerb, are passed on to the driver, making him bounce up and down.

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