Sony killed it at E3, but their Vita news was a huge letdown

GameZone writes, 'To Vita owners watching Sony’s press conference at this year’s E3, the brief stage time probably felt like another nail in the coffin. Sony showed a handful of games, games that, aside from the God of War Collection, had already been announced in one way or another. Jack Tretton described the Vita as the ultimate companion device to PS4 with Remote Play, and spoke of a future game library bolstered by indie developers. Then, they moved on to PS3 and PS4.'

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Automatic791936d ago

Its an excellent system hopefully sony can turn it around.

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sarshelyam1935d ago


I generally play one game on my 3DS, while the Vita has offered me numerous experiences within the realm of my gaming habits.

Currently Muramasa Rebirth is in the card slot and it is beautiful. I could never get into it on the Wii, comfort of the Wii controller perhaps? On the Vita, it's perfect.

I also have nearly 100 titles between physical purchases, digital only purchases, and free PS+ content. Each and everything on there is a blast. I can't say the same for the 3DS which has always been hit or miss for me. Right now it's Animal Crossing...and that's about it.

FriedGoat1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

This is what I mean, Anyone who owns both consoles has a valid opinion. One can speculate about what they don't own but unfortunately that is pointless.

Vita is definitely my go-to handheld, 3DS is great, but it's more of a bitesize experience rather than full blown entertainment. Luigis Mansion kept me occupied for a bit, but that was it. I think if you owned a DS the 3DS just isn't a big enough leap.

minimur121935d ago

sony killed it at E3, they also killed their Vita even more.

Being a vita owner, I am pretty happy about how I've got PS Plus, it's awesome as I've finally picked it up again. But I really want a system seller. A must have game. Games like GTA, God Of War, Devil May Cry, and alot more.

People, cam you name any AAA game coming out for the Vita other that Tearaway and Killzone?

DONT google it ;) :)

sarshelyam1935d ago


...see, the problem arises with the vernacular of your question. Are you asking based on the caliber of what a AAA should possess, or on its budget. If it's the former, that's incredibly subjective.

For example, I loved the hell out of "Stick it to the Man" at E3. I certainly think that's a AAA offering. Batman Blackgate is up there too, as is Dragon's Crown, 1001 Spikes, and easily a dozen other experiences I enjoyed like Hohokum, Walking Dead Season One (I'll be playing it again with that bonus episode), and Flower.

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CaptainSheep1936d ago

As a Sony fan, I admit they let me down with the Vita news. *BUT* Gamescom is coming up, and I remember reading something about Sony saying that Gamescom will be a Vita show. So I'm really looking forward to it.

xYLeinen1935d ago

That is correct and I was about to write the same thing. Sony has been very clever how they takled 2013 if this is true.

Pre PS4 show to get news rising before E3. The best show at E3 (personally). Vita on Gamescom. A few exclusives at TGS who we all have been waiting for.

extermin8or1935d ago

If they announce a port of Kingdom Hearts HD remix 1.5 for vita-that's it I'm happy- they announce a new assassins creed, im happier, they announce a new title from sony bend-i'll die of happiness there and then. That's all I need for vita-Rayman legends at the end of august :D I can't wait :)

Gamesgbkiller1935d ago

I hope the announce more than 5 BIG games.

At least 2 of them coming this fall.

Knushwood Butt1935d ago

Still holding out for a 64GB memory card.

superterabyte1935d ago

Still holding out for an affordable memory card =(

fattyuk1935d ago

PS4 games can run on PSV.

Yeah vita news was bad! I love my vita ever since ps plus included vita games... I actually use it now lol and psyched to see how the ps4 and vita link up is like!

As a vita owner I though e3 was fine.

Oh and 1 word.... tearaway.

cpayne931935d ago

I didnt buy a vita just to use remote play. Its really only getting three big releases this year, tearaway, soul sacrifice, and killzone. Needs more big releases, not just indie games. Really looking forward to killzone mercenary tho, loved the gameplay shown at e3.

CoryHG1935d ago

Who needs games when you will be able to play any ps4 game on it anywhere as long as there's connection?

fattyuk1935d ago

Who needs games... when you got ps plus :D

extermin8or1935d ago

Well we need new games to be added to the service otherwise they'd run out fo games to give us :(

SonyNGP1935d ago

For an extra $400+ along with the $250+ you paid for the Vita.

soundslike1935d ago

Got my vita for $150 in new condition with all the accessories.

I plan on getting a ps4 as with most of the gaming community.

So...its not an inconvenience at all. Its just a gigantic bonus

soundslike1935d ago

Got my vita for $150 in new condition with all the accessories.

I plan on getting a ps4 as with most of the gaming community.

So...its not an inconvenience at all. Its just a gigantic bonus.

CoryHG1935d ago

paid $150 for mine off craigslist in spring 2012 with case, 3 games.

Mr_Nuts1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

Right I'll be honest with how amazing the PS4 looks....I couldn't give a crap about the PSV. I hope we'll get more PS4 news at Gamescom. I'm not trying to say I don't care about it as in "I hope it fails", obviously I would like to see it do well but it had plenty of time to the PS4 has been announced and is coming I want to see more announcements for that instead

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