The Wind Waker HD is a Better Remake Than Ocarina of Time 3D

GenGAME writes: "Ocarina of Time is my top game ever, and its 3DS remake, which introduced graphical overhauls, a touch-based menu and inventory selection system, and added gyroscope controls for aiming, is my preferred version. Technically that makes Ocarina of Time 3D my favorite game of all time.

"And yet, having seen and played what the Zelda team has to offer The Wind Waker with The Wind Waker HD, I’m convinced so far that it’s actually going to turn out the better remake"

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ZeekQuattro1937d ago

This preview gets me even more pumped up for this game. I hope in the end that they do put in the dungeons that were removed in the original.

gamer421937d ago

Aonuma stated the dungeons they removed were used in other zelda games. So he isnt using them in ww hd.

PigPen1937d ago

It does look really good in HD.

CertifiedGamer1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

It is the same game, Ocarina of time was a remake, this shit is just a remaster in HD with wii U control support. I passed this game on the gamecube. I don't see the point of playing the wii U version of the same game. Nintendo needs to stop being lazy and make a Zelda designed specifically for the Wii U.

legendoflex1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

That's the thing though, Ocarina offered better graphics... and then the same features TWW HD is offering. TWW HD is offering even more new features and adjustments to the main experience... and unlike OoT, it actually needs them.

DarkBlood1936d ago

You would know that they already are so no they arent being lazy good sir.

Realplaya1936d ago

So you think other developers that do the same thing are lazy as well? Also if you have a playstation or x box you have not touched a remade game?

Summons751936d ago

Well naturally, you don't have the handicap of 3d holding you back. However both games are great and I can't wait to see this in HD on my tv. This will be a nice time killer until they show Zelda HD for the first time. I know they said their using this game to test gamepad ideas for the new Zelda and I'm fine with that. That's what they did with the port of twilight princess to the wii for skyward sword and that game came out amazing so I'm now worried at all.

1936d ago
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