Quick Look: Ride to Hell: Retribution | Giant Bomb

Just a man, his bike, and a whole lot of what we in the '60s called "gameplay anarchy."

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Parapraxis1962d ago

Oh is soo painful to watch ahaha

RavageX1962d ago

Several things in this video caused me to LOL.

This looks quite bad. B movie kinda bad. I don't know if it's the video but the game looks like a (polished?) PS2 game. This might even have been passable back then but now?

No way.

Two things that made me laugh the most. The sex scene with the mechanic. That was just hilariously bad. Second, when the main character was riding shotgun with the old guy(chase scene) and the bike apparently blew up for no reason whatsoever.

Parapraxis1961d ago

I like the first encounter with the masked guy, after about 20 gunshots to the face he still didn't go down.

Pozzle1961d ago

I don't even think it would have been passable in the PS2 era. hahaha