Indie Gaming - The Console War [TDD]

Phill from TheDigitalDynasty talks about the indie game platform on both Sony's and Microsoft's consoles.

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ViolentDesire1939d ago

Does anybody really play indie games on consoles, considering PC gamers have access to sites such as Indie DB which is useful to parties who don't have backing from big publishers yet?

lcdphill1939d ago

Have to agree with you there. I've built up like a 40 game collection on Desura now as well as the masses of indie games I have on steam. Publishing on consoles usually hikes up the price of such games and I've picked up all of mine for next to nothing.

xhi41938d ago

I think that's the point ViolentDesire.

Right now there isn't a HUGE amount of indie action on consoles and on the big TV, but with the PS4's big push you'll see a lot of cool ones that are perfect for big TV like Hohokum that you'll also be able to play on the go/anywhere on your Vita.

Also Free to Play indie games and larger scale ones like Blacklight and Warframe will thrive on the big TV.

This'll help bring an entire new audience and console user base to the indie scene.

PositiveEmotions1939d ago

I do i even downloaded a few indie games on my ps3

flamehaze421938d ago

Last time I check the indie war was between nintendo,pc, and sony. Microsoft lost period.

ChipChipperson1938d ago

Ronnie B.- " Ehh there Fezzy."