Is The Last Remnant Coming For PS3?

The Last Remnant is an RPG that was released for both Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360 developed and published by Square-Enix in 2008. The game was planned to be released on the Playstation 3 as well, but the Sony publication never saw the light of day because of mediocre reviews and complains about glitches.
Square has been thus far silent about the PS3 version of the game, neither confirming nor denying that the game is still in development for PS3. However, after recently updating their website after E3, there was a curious sight to behold…

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wishingW3L2947d ago

Famitsu made a poll about the most anticipated PS3 games last year and Last Remnant was really high in it. XD

Kanzes2947d ago

I hope it will be better on PS3, since in Xbox 360, it's really a shitty port.. Unstable framerate and lots of glitches

indysurfn2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

Lost Odyssey is the way to go, square is finishing up the last presidents attempt of action rpg for the west switch. As soon as square becomes square again they will have big increases in sales. i'd buy a Lost Odyssey remake.

gaffyh2947d ago

LOL, people really care that much? I played it a while ago on my 360, and installing it improved the framerate quite a bit, and although I enjoyed the game, I felt too much of the gameplay mechanics were left to chance. The golem (I think), that you can get to come out, comes out whenever it wants to and all the ttacks are just random.

I don't know what the developer was thinking, but I really hated the lack of control over the battle. It also didn't help that some of the battles were insanely long, 30 mins to an hour. Still enjoyed it enough to finish it though, unlike Infinite Undiscovery.

abzdine2947d ago

This game sucks!
But if they want to release a PlayStation version better do it on vita cause its too late for a PS3 port now and the game is graphically outdated.

pixelsword2947d ago

On top of the fact that the PS4 is around the corner...

sinncross2947d ago

what if they took the pc port, enhanced it and released for the ps4.

that might be an option

Myst2947d ago

Can't we just have Lost Odyssey instead :S...?

vikingland12947d ago

Lost Odyssey is a darn good game for sure.

Deep-throat2947d ago

Not going to happen, MS owns that game.

HammadTheBeast2947d ago

Or a Final Fantasy Type-0 port for Vita in English?

panbit862947d ago

THIS! Why hasn't this happened already??!!

Hicken2947d ago

Buying Lost Odyssey for my PS3 would be cheaper than buying a 360 for my Lost Odyssey, I'll admit that much.

Sadly, it counts as a first party title, so even though it's a superb game that would likely see MUCH better success on PS3, it'll never happen.

Oh, well. I'll get a 360 soon and start over from scratch.

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Tykis2947d ago

People still care about that game?

Kanzes2947d ago

it doesn't hurt to have 1 more jrpg game on my ps3

abzdine2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

Have you played ALL available jRPGs on PS3? I really doubt it.
For me I prefer quality rather than quantity. I played this game on PC and it's really way below average

Kanzes2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

Yes, I played a lots of JRPG on my PS3. It's one of my reason to buy the console in the first place.

And I played this game and already finished it too, maybe it's not the best, but it still good and worth to buy

Maybe you don't want this game, but I'm sure there's someone who wants to play this game on their PS3, or maybe just want to plat'd the trophies

SegaSaturn6692947d ago

I would actually say that Last Remnant for all its glitches and shit framerate, has considerably better gameplay than lost odyssey.

In every other category, however, lost odyssey dominates.

indysurfn2947d ago

That means you prefer action rpg's over turn based. I could not force myself to continue playing last remnant where as i was wanting lost odsyssey to continue after beating it!

SegaSaturn6692947d ago

I dunno. LR felt awfully turn based to me. It just had more varied matchups and combat styles available whereas Lost Odyssey's fights felt very repetitive.

Chaos_Raiden2947d ago

If the PS3 version of this game has improved performance, better framerate, and other positive tweaks, then this game is worth trying for me.

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