eBay finally allows console pre-order listings

It all started earlier this month when it was deemed too early to have PS3s in eBay. After a while, this then resulted to eBay admin removing all PS3 and Wii pre-order listings on their site, much to the disappointment of many sellers. Now, it seems that eBay has had a sudden change of heart a mere week after the mass listing pull-outs, and many are left to wonder if there would be another about-face anytime soon.

That's right, the people over at eBay have finally made the decision to allow PS3 and Wii pre-orders to be posted on their site, but only if the sellers meet certain conditions. Though those conditions haven't been directly pointed out by the auction site's admin, it has been noticed that many of the allowed listings have the following going for them:

* A Feedback of 50 or more
* Feedback score must be 98% or above
* Sellers may only list one system. They may list one PlayStation3 and one Nintendo Wii with a photo of the pre-order receipt for each system
* Sellers must accept PayPal as their only payment option
* Sellers must include a photo of the receipt in the listing
* Buy It Now will NOT be allowed
* One-day listings will NOT be allowed

On their policy page however, what eBay DOES specify is that:

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