“1000's of People Are Still Playing PS All-Stars”, states Sony Santa Monica – Where Are the Updates?

According to Sony Santa Monica, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is still being played by thousands of people, so one question I have in mind is, why isn’t this “dedicated community” being supported with more content? Wouldn’t it make sense to generate revenue from such a fanbase who craves new stages, characters, minions, costumes, etc? The last downloadable content released were Zeus and Issac, which were released back in March and the last update was a minor April release with very few changes to be had.

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Mr_Nuts1964d ago

I actually have to applaud the people who are still playing...this was my most atticipated game last year, it could of been great but it was such a massive let down....when you use your favorite character and you have to watch their super's over and over...and over, it got extremely boring

The game was missing a ton of modes, features and characters

I mean we had New Dante when his game wasn't even out yet and MG Rising's Raiden instead of Old Snake. No Crash, no Spyro, no Gabe Logan, no FF character (not Lightning), no Croc, Tombi, Old Dante, Gex, Resistance character, Lara Croft...I could go on. Instead we get two Cole's, Big Daddy, New Dante, Fat Princess (should of been DLC), hardly any of the characters we wanted.

They should of just stuck to a health mode in the game in the form of a health bar (Green-Yellow-Red) and that Super mode should of been a mode in the Arcade mode you can select.

Even the last DLC was laughable...Issac (fair enough) and Zeus. Come on

chrispseuphoria1964d ago

I mostly agree with you but I do believe the supers can be used strategically. If you play the game over and over again, it is quite fun to set up your supers like you would with a combo in a regular fighting game.

Mr_Nuts1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

I was the complete opposite, I played it lot when it came out and your obviously going to have your favorite character but the Supers were so boring....watching the same level 3 cutscene over and over and over...not too mention other characters your facing using theirs aswell, it stopped the flow of the game. I felt they only did it to seperate the game from Smash Bros but people were going to compare the two anyway so you may aswell of had a health mode. Hell Smash Bros copied The Outfoxies

They should of been special items in the game. a platnium trophy item should of allowed you to use your level 3 super. Using them to get kills just made the game cheap, it made it rely on you getting lucky to use your Supers rather then skill to actually beat your opponents by actually fighting.

Baka-akaB1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

Couldnt get into it from the very beginning . Not a fan of the artstyle and design (why are character that small to begin with ? ) , even if in hindsight , there were that many alternative to its look .

The gameplay left me bored quite frankly ... it tried to much to be more than SSMB , and different from it , only to feel worse .

Finally whatever the reasons , good or bad , in the end , too many important characters from the playstation history were missing and still are .

Mr_Nuts1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

I don't blame you, I think for me it was mainly the novelty of having a PS battle themed game that appealed to me when playing then I got bored after it wore off.

I suppose if there was a sequel I'd give them another chance but they would have to start a new and call it something differnt.

They better not continue with the same gameplay though, I hated the Super's (as you can tell from my two other comments above) I hated them with a killed the game for me.

They should of never allowed a new studio like that to handle this game and the game shouldn't of been made untill they got ALL the characters we wanted. It's not like we were rushing them to get the game out

Hell maybe if the PS4 does well enough developers will let them use their characters in the future.


*** The gameplay, however, can be a love/hate thing ***

True but it should of just been a mode for the Arcade, you know where you select Silly themes for the custom game....not make it the official gameplay. I suppose the ones who did like it though will like the health system just as much but the people who hated it arn't going to convert. You have a better chance converting the people who liked it.

chrispseuphoria1964d ago

Here's an article at explaining why PS All-Stars is not a Smash Bros clone...


The gameplay, however, can be a love/hate thing and there weren't enough important characters from PlayStation history in the game (Spyro, Crash, Lara Croft, Cloud, etc).

Baka-akaB1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

EDIT : "even if in hindsight , there werent that many alternative to its look . "

Anyway i get that it's not a pure clone and did try to be different . But what it tried simply failed , at least with me .

I find that relying on supers to win points is a chore and super boring . If you are going to do that , you need a wide array of super for each character to ensure fun .

Sometimes devs need to stop looking to much into balance , especially in a sub genre of fighting that will never have any , but look instead at providing a fun game .

Ko and points by throwing someone out of the stage , might seems cheap ... but creation incredible action , a wide range of reactions , and much needed tensions . Instead you charge a bar , empty super , rinse repeat ... if i'm going to do that , i'd rather play a naruto or whatever similar anime game

They lost sight of that imo for the sake of being different

PS3Freak1964d ago

The lack of ring-outs in the game killed it for me.

I didn't like that fact that the entire game was basically; punch guys, get super, kill guys.

If you could do ring-outs, then that would at least add another way to kill people. Game was way too one-dimensional. Fun, but was missed a few key things.

sinncross1964d ago

For what its worth, I do find the game fun to play even to now.

It just needed better support. Hopefully a sequel will be given to SCEJ and they can make it bigger

jakmckratos1964d ago

I cannot agree with you anymore. Here we have some of the coolest characters of ALL gaming along with some old faves we haven't seen since the PSOne and the Story is bolted down to two boring static narrations and ONE hit or miss cinematic with only ONE character. Those were typically bogus. What would have been sick is if all the characters interacted at some part in the game and different factions were formed (Sly and Drake join forces..Nariko and Kratos..Parappa and Fat Princess etc.) and the story mode you faced enemies from actual series. I mean how sick would it have been to grab throw a Helghan as Kratos.

Level designs were lacking. Usually boring and not very engaging. I'd like it if more things were destroyable. The characters had fun fighting style but it could get repetitive with overpowered regular and super moves.

The roster NEEDED to be big. Crash and Spyro..Snake ,Lara Croftand Cloud (also Sora =)DEF needed to make an appearance. Where were some notable FIRST PARTY characters????Nathan Hale, Wander, a Motorstorm characterDart, Tomba???? What about an Assassin or the Prince of Persia?

And now there's so many more to add!! Finn(Sorcery,)Sortiara(Soul Sacrifice, Gallahan(The Order), Knack, Jodie and Aiden(Beyond), Joel and Ellie, Kutaro(Puppeteer), Iota and Atoi(Tearaway),Delsin Rowe(Infamous:SS), Lucas( Keller Killzone Shadow Fall, Booker Dewitt???

The combat got so annoying with obvious overpowered supers making it impossible to truly have fun. Ratchet's level one and Raiden's...well everything ruined any online fun. I want a standard kill system...maybe a health system and if you use strong at the right time you can knock them off the map a la' Smash Bros.

pr0t0typeknuckles1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

i agree,and im a hard core playstation fan but i got bored with this game day 1,the roster was lackluster,compared to smash bros,and the gameplay was boring compared to smash bros,and even though smash puts in some weird characters like wii fit trainer at least a majority of them were actually wanted,its like what you said,who the heck wanted new dante,fat princess,raiden all though hes cool snake should have taken his place,and big daddy who was so out of place it was ridiculous,but hopefully if a sequel is made everything can be improved on and actually done right .

HarryMasonHerpderp1964d ago

I disagree with you about the supers they only lasted a few seconds. I agree about the Characters, modes and features though.

We should of had Crash, Spyro, Croc, Lara Croft, Snake, Cloud and many others. Also more modes and unlockables.
We did get Kratos, Heihachi, Sir Dan, Jak & Daxter, Sly and Ratchet and Clank though. I think they were all great characters. Match them up with the characters I mentioned were missing though and it would of been an amazing roster.

jukins1964d ago

if you ever played any fighting game you're gonna see a characters super over and over thats just how it is. But with the different levels of super and depending on map theres a ton of strategic ways to use supers. For example with sir daniel, on a small map I'd be tempted to save for his level three whereas on a bigger map i'd go for single kills with his level one. the game could use some work as far as balancing but still its a fun game and the value if you have a vita is amazing.

Baka-akaB1964d ago

I dont see even see why people wanna throw "true fighting games" in the argument and mix .

"if you ever played any fighting game you're gonna see a characters super over and over thats just how it is"

Nope , even the worst ones got tons of moves available as well . While potent tools , they are not the "end it all' and endgame of those titles .

In PSASB , everything revolves around placing those . I can understand those feeling it offers tons of strategic value , but it certainly isnt at all in the same spirit and ballpark as regular fighting games

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310dodo1964d ago

This game did not have my favorite video game character since I was 10 yrs old...Crash Bandicoot

some of you younger gamers dont care
but not having Crash in a "PS all stars game" was disgusting.
and its your fault Sony..
why the hell wasnt Crash, Laura, and Snake bought out years ago to be exclusive to Playstation?

banjadude1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

Can you believe people on Youtube/Gamefaqs were saying Crash Bandicoot is irrelevant/a stupid choice? Every time I see those comments, I can't help but MEGA FACEPALM.

310dodo1964d ago

some people actually wanted Kevin Butler more then Crash, Croc, PS1 Laura...etc

no respect for the past

r211964d ago

Why those characters arent in is thanks to their owners, SE and Activision, not wanting them in the game, which is a shame. If they included them, PSASBR could've easily sold another million.

Williamson1964d ago

Game was fun but lack of modes, characters, and other ways to get kills kind of held the game back. Also the menus and overall presentation lacked in many departments, this was supposed to celebrate the PS brand and it really did need more polish.

banjadude1964d ago

Yeah, and as a new IP, there's always room to grow/improve. With Seth on board, I'm sure they got a huge checklist of improvements for a [potential?] sequel.

E2S1964d ago

they shouldve just waited to make it a PS4 release.

LiQuiZoN1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

Playing right now!
I want new characters! Crash, Syro, Cloud, sephiroth,

Game is really fun and the rank system although I have some complaints does work. It's always a good time, more balancing wouldn't hurt either and Host migration to combat rage quitters.

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