Top 25 PS2 Games Of All Time (#5-1)

GR: For many, the question as to which console is the greatest of all time has an easy, straightforward, and inarguable answer: the PlayStation 2. To honor Sony's glorious gaming machine that followed up the original PlayStation, we here at GameRevolution decided to put our heads together and craft a list that compiles the greatest experiences that the platform has to offer.

While we easily could have stretched this list out to over fifty titles, we wanted to keep it condensed and relatively digestible. As such, there are bound to be a few titles you absolutely adore that didn't make the cut, and that's what the comments section is for. Alright, no more rambling, let's get right into it.

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TrendyGamers1937d ago

Personally, I enjoyed KH2 more than KH1

acharlez1937d ago

Fair enough. For whatever reason that first experience with the series left the biggest impression on me. Maybe the whole introduction of Roxas and the Nobodies sort of made things a bit too convoluted for me. Still KH2 is an incredible game.

acharlez1937d ago

That said, KH2 is definitely one of my PERSONAL favorites on the platform. Just behind MGS3 and KH1.

dbjj120881937d ago

Pffft, KH2 is garbage compared to 1. The only advancement is a more convoluted plot.

knifefight1937d ago

Amen. Birth by Sleep was the best Kingdom Hearts since the original.

TheLyonKing1937d ago

I have more fond memories of 1 but I realise 2 has better gameplay mechanics.

dbjj120881937d ago

I love San Andreas so much! Hopefully GTA V recaptures that sandbox.

xk771937d ago

One of the BEST if not the best list ever!

DEATHxTHExKIDx1937d ago

Kingom Hearts for sure every summer I break out my PS2 to play KH1 and KH2. Kingdom Hearts influenced me to play Final Fantasy as well. The first time I played KH I didn't know any of the Final Fantasy chracters. After playing a few FF titles I came to apperciate KH a whole lot more.

James-GAMES1937d ago

Kh2 and is my favorite game of all time and kh1 is definably up their as one of my favorite games ever.

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The story is too old to be commented.