Forza 5′s Xbox One tech explained by Turn 10

Forza 5 will be the sexiest racer ever. Dan Greenawalt explains to VG247′s Sam Clay where all of the tech wizardry comes from, and how Xbox One’s clout makes the racer gleam.

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Popoffboy1877181965d ago

I think 4za fans going be hurt nxt time they see driveclub !!!!

theWB271965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Why? They're completely different games. Maybe if they were showing next gen GT...

I love Forza..probably my fav franchise but I wouldn't go that as far as Faster. Good stuff : )

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Felonycarclub81965d ago

They are not completely different games, they are both arcade racing games, LMFAO can't wait for driveclub it's looks to be a fun game

Haules1964d ago

Sorry to burst your bubbles but 4za 5 competes with DriveClub, Just looking at some gameplay footage both games feel the same, easy to drive.

Urusernamesucks1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

Ouch , dat dynamic wheather /s

RandomDude6551965d ago

Hope it works now that the GPU is downclocked:

theWB271965d ago

Already debunked. I don't know why people are still going after that old story. Two of the best looking games at E3 (Ryse and Forza) were confirmed running on X1 hardware too.

Transporter471965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

I'm sorry Forza looks nice but Ryse really....?

ape0071965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )


i think Ryse gfx were so incredible that made u go in total denial

man Ryse gfx are out of this world, i dunno about the game yet, it may turn good or bad but gfx are jaw dropping, FACT

Transporter471965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

@ape007 um no the game looks ugly, graphic wise...
this game doesn't look impressive at all.

this is jaw dropping FACT

Skips1965d ago (Edited 1964d ago )


Pretty much...

When you compare the best looking games from Microsoft to the best looking games from Sony...

Microsoft's look pretty lackluster. lol!


Hell, Ryse doesn't even look any better than God Of War: Ascension. XD LMFAO!!! XD XD

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Elit3Nick1965d ago

I'm lost you say that the gpu got downclocked yet you link us to a forum about the X1's ESRAM being more powerful than anticipated...

RandomDude6551965d ago

"102GB/s was the embedded memory peak bandwith up until today.

800mhz*128byte * 1 (read or write operation) =102.4GB/s

800mhz*128byte * 2 (1 read and 1 write operation) =204.8GB/s

DF stating the new peak memory bandwith beeing 192GB/s while maintainig 800mhz clockspeed just doesn't add up...

I personally stop here and leave it at that - the numbers don't add up.

Some people are taking this a step further though:

750mhz*128byte * 2 (1 read and 1 write operation) =192GB/s

this means that a 50mhz downclock would alling with the peak memory performances given in the article."

theWB271965d ago

Theres another one...the whole thing had to do with the eSRam and GPU.

greenpowerz1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

I'm not sure why you post that. What you posted shows that the Xb1 is now more capable than PS4 in that area LOL

EDIT Below

Why are you posting BS? Your comments and links are conspiracy theory damage control. Your tinfoil hat is on too tight. MSFT isn't trying to fool anybody, it is vital to their business to keep its specs secret, being the leader in gaming. The *supposed* revision was leaked(just like the first time with 8 gigs of RAM sony had to copy)

RandomDude6551965d ago

"So we can basically confirm that cboat was correct. The numbers tell the truth. The esram has been downclocked, and Microsoft's PR department is trying to spin it as an increase in total bandwidth based on some cycle tricks that are probably being exaggerated."

KwietStorm1965d ago

Being the leader in gaming?...?

DoesUs1964d ago

No, it doesn't show it to be as capable. If you read it correctly and understood it you wouldn't make yourself look rather stupid. ONLY 32meg can run "Theoretically". Good lord, MS must be paying you a fortune.

RandomDude6551965d ago

Lol at "leader in gaming". Maybe if they ever win a generation, they could claim that, but they've been second and third.

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SugarSoSweet1965d ago

I have to admit Forza is the only launch game on the Xbox I'm jealous of

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