Ouya: Stop being so hard on the Android-powered game console

People need to stop being so hard on the Ouya. It's a solid $100 game console. All it needs are games

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WarThunder1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Ouya is piece of **** hardware. its very laggy most games run at 10-15 fps... And did i mention laggy controller...

dillydadally1991d ago

You're talking about the software BEFORE THE SYSTEM WAS RELEASED! I get so fed up with people that aren't mature enough to understand what a beta test is. Everyone who got their Ouya before release was essentially beta testing it, and most of those things are fixed now. If your controller has problems, they will replace it. The release controllers work fine.

And laggy games on a console is ALWAYS the developer's fault. This happened because people ported their games from other Android environments before even testing them on a released Ouya. From this point on, no developer is going to release a game that's laggy unless they don't care about sales.

G20WLY1991d ago

I don't know that anyone is hard on this thing, are they?

Personally, I'm indifferent. I certainly don't want one (nor do I even see the point) but some might like it and that's fair enough.

Bring on the PS4, I say! ;)

PS: "hard on"! *Sniggers like a child*

TheGrimReaper00111991d ago

Fuck this thing!
It runs like garbage!
I also just luv the first bit here.
"People need to stop being so hard on the Ouya. It's a solid $100 game console. All it needs are games"
Let me break this down.
1. people are pissed because there are also alot of people who didnt get their ouya and/or controllers, despite the fact they funded the product.
2. Its not a solid $100 game console. Its a shitty ass cellphone disguesed as a console
3. All it needs are games? ALL IT NEEDS ARE GAMES? O, is that all? Well, i'll buy one, eventhough it doesnt have shit for games.
The Ouya was going to be an open console for indie developers and android games. Do you honestly think indies will now abandon pc, wiiu and ps for this? The games they have on sale also are expensive as hell! 20 euro for final fantasy 7? WTF? I can get this game for fucking free!
They Ouya needs to start doing something for the community. If the the development team doesnt care, why should we?!

dillydadally1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Wow, who pissed you off?

You are completely wrong about the Ouya.

1. Didn't get their Ouya... YET. And they are at this point a very small minority. They are all going to get their system but they're just being whiny about it. They haven't given a brand new, small company the slack they deserve over not being familiar with manufacturing and shipping problems. The only real problem is they suck at being transparent, but this again is because they are a very small company trying to learn things.

2. I own one. It certainly is not a cell phone and that's idiotic. It's only similarities are it has Android as its core. Why does that make it a cell phone? There are many games that couldn't be done on a cell phone as they require large tv's and a controller. It is sleek and a very solid console for what it's trying to be. It's not for new AAA games, it's for indie games, retro games, emulation, media streaming, etc.


It's actually a very nice little console for what it's trying to be. It just needs time for the company behind it to mature and for the community to support it now that it's released. I understand why you may not want a small box for indie games, media streaming, and emulation, but stop saying it's just for ported cell phone games - that's obviously not true.

_Q_1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Wow I'm almost certain that all comments so far do not own the device.
Many wont see the potential behind such a device. I for one think its pretty awesome. Some people who find themselves too "hardcore" to want the device, this device isn't for you. Simple STFU and step aside.. Its technically a console but it wasn't designed to simply play games and wipe the player's butt as it seems everyone want their console to do. My point is this "console" at its core is a little HD capable Android PC(which can do more than many of you seem to clearly understand). People can spout off "My phone is more powerful and is mobile" but they are missing the point again(show me how quick you can do on your phone that Ouya or any console can do..I'll wait). You have to look at Ouya as your oyster its the only console at launch that doesn't need hacking or home brewing to play your older games and given just how open it is, you can do so with almost any usb or Bluetooth controller. I am sure even IR works. At $100 its not going to wipe your ass. At $100 it's cut out the frills and given you control.. Stop being a bitch and grab the reins or gtfo, people who know what they are doing will make Ouya successful not a bunch of whiny cunts who probably don't even own one. btw it has games. More than most consoles I have seen at launch. If you were expecting Crysis level games on Ouya, you're the idiot. Also, I'm not some delusional backer who is defending it. I bought in store day I because I saw what a few here don't seem to. Opinion is one thing, not knowing anything and just being negative is another.

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