PS4 Stripe Lights Up – DualShock 4 Light Bars Indicate ID

The blue stripe that divides the console in two parts is an actual LED and it lights up

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pedrof932638d ago ShowReplies(3)
Prcko2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

This Blue Stripe is so cool,wow!
So cool console design,Great job Sony,really.

buddymagoo2638d ago

I hope we will get the option to change it at some point, being a Manchester United fan I would love to be able to change it to red.

mark134uk2638d ago

homebrew would definatly let you do that

not that im promoting homebrew :)

The_Con-Sept2638d ago

PS4 be pimpin' this generation. Xbox one 80 gonna need some ground effects to compete with the PS4

kupomogli2638d ago


Don't worry, since the Xbox 180 looks like a cable box I'm sure it'll show a channel number on the front of it :P.

Majin-vegeta2638d ago

The BLUE LED light is gonna look so cool at night.

Shellcase2638d ago

Like the Nintendo Wii light

Starbucks_Fan2637d ago

I didn't like the Wii light that much. It was cool at first but it was so bright. Sometimes in the middle of the night if I got a message the light would actually wake me up. I turned off WiiConnect eventually.

medman2638d ago

Uh oh... how will Microsoft respond? They're gonna have to put some spinners on that Xbone, maybe some strobe lights. Major Nelson better get on twitter and announce that every Xbone will come with a lightsaber. In all seriousness, PS4 is killing them. As an owner of a 360 and PS3, there is literally nothing Microsoft has shown that intrigues me. I was shocked to find out that with the size of that Xbone they still couldn't find a way to eliminate the power brick. Unbelievable. Sony has the more powerful hardware and a smaller form factor all while out-engineering Microsoft by a factor of about five? No competition folks. The Japanese giant is murdering the weasel from Washington. It's a massacre.

T22637d ago

Ya its pretty shocking when my xbox only friends are bugging me asking when we are all preordering ps4

squad2638d ago

So awesome, would be even more awesome if you can change the colors on the LED.

Pl4sm42638d ago

probably change it with some mods or something ... make it show different color .. mega awesome ... while the xbox 1 has the amazing feature of being a vcr box lol

nick3092638d ago

You can kill someone with the xbox1

ABizzel12638d ago

You could probably add your own to it, but I'm sure it'll void the warranty and that may not be the best thing to do with the first batch of consoles.

blink-1822638d ago

I heard they were thinking about an update that would change the LED based on your emotions and aura in the room. No but seriously, changing colors and strobe lights would be pretty snazzy.

sAVAge_bEaST2638d ago

you should be able to mod it.,.. I want mine to go blue, red, green.

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logan_izer102638d ago

Why can't they just tell us already if it maxes at 4 controllers? I play many games with 5 or more

mushroomwig2638d ago

Many games with 5 or more? I seriously doubt there are "many games" that support that number of players.

KwietStorm2638d ago

Care to tell us what these games are?

claudionmc2638d ago

In my case... tetris, bomberman, Cubixx HD, FIFA and PES.

I have 7 controllers and this happens in almost every party in my house. I'm not saying that these are lot of games, but I really don't like the reduction in players

T22637d ago

Ya im surprised anyone wouldnt know that every sports game uses large numbers of players ... I have 5 controllers for parties too

pedrof932638d ago

that's stupid. What game do you play with 4 or
more controlers ?

kingPoS2638d ago

Xmen arcade

To name a few.

T22637d ago

Are you seriously saying you never heard of sports games?

pedrof932637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )


You stupid moron.

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Mikeyy2638d ago

Why would it max at 4 controllers? They are still using Bluetooth. Max connections will likely be 7 again.

karl2638d ago

well blue red green pink

those are the first four colors right?

but we have already seen it go orange during the division gameplay videos...

so thats five at least

kingPoS2638d ago

I think the max might six this time around.


Actually it has a 3 color LED, I'm pretty sure those can output as many colors as you can think of.

SpinalRemains1382638d ago

If it can do those 5, then it can obviously do yellow and purple as well. No orange without yellow, and with blue and green you got purple.

karl2638d ago

exactly, i saw purple during E3.. i cant remember the game..

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