Rainbow 6 Vegas - Demo Now Available!

The demo for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas is now available on the marketplace!

The single player demo features part of the "Dante's Casino" level of the single player mission. Players will Observe, Plan and Assault (O.P.A.) their way through the Gothic-themed casino that is under construction and believed to be a hideout for the terrorist leaders.

So grab your rope and headset, then rappel on in for some high rolling casino action!

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SPAWN4474d ago

It`s still not there yet!

JPomper4474d ago

Sweet. I'll be trying this tonight.

shotty4474d ago

The people that are saying it not there, by chance do you live in North America. Because the demo is only available outside north america. I think OXM struch a deal with Ubisoft for exclusive rights in North America for this demo, same with chromehounds.
BTW, I'm Canadian. We have our very own Halo 3 demo and GOW but don't tell nobody. Muaah

combatant4474d ago

hahahaha. halo 3 demo. good one. wow i really needed a laugh, thanks.

Brian3604474d ago

its not there,i live in the UK and is no where to be seen.There are some COD 3 themes and pictures.
but nowt else

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The story is too old to be commented.