The Last Of Us: 3 Reasons Why It’s Mediocre

WC writes: The Last of Us is one of, if not THE biggest release of 2013 so far and has brought upon itself a lot of positive feedback from the gaming community as a whole. People have praised Naughty Dog for their ingenuity and dedication to the game left right and centre, yet after two successful play-throughs I still find that the game is lacking something key. The Last Of Us wasn’t necessarily bad, by no means; I mean I actually ended up completing it twice in the space of a few days. My first play-through involved sitting down for a good 12 hours non-stop near the end, but this was purely so that I could complete the game rather than see how the story ended. The beginning did draw me in at first, but after escaping the city with Ellie and losing Tess I found I was just going through the motions rather than actually enjoying the game.



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eyeDEVOUR1990d ago

Thanks for the "SPOILER" warning!!!... D***head

Dlacy13g1990d ago

It's utter BS that the author doesn't warn people he plans to spoil the game.


Was that so tough to do?

HammadTheBeast1990d ago

Garbage Article, if you can call it that, do not give him hits.

His first 2 complaints are about the enemies and how easy it is to beat them lol, and it honestly just seems like he's played it on Easy mode, he says ammo is to easy to find, and complains of enemies with no armor when there clearly are these enemies halfway through the game.

Next he complains about the story: SPOILERS

He complains that Joel's daughter was shown and then killed off too quick, says its bad story writing. He says its "dull, repetitive, and lame". OK then.

He also says that David hiding that he knew Ellie until the clickers were dead was "cheap and lame" which is complete bull****.

Obvious hit-seeker is obvious.

DeadSpaced1990d ago

Agreed. Spoilers warning are a must.

Off-Topic: I realized his complaints are more relative to Dead Space 3 than The Last of Us.
DS3 problems:
-Zombies were easy, repetitive.
-Humans had way too much ammo (infinite grenades)
-The story was very cheap

The Last of Us isn't guilty of any of those things.

sdozzo1990d ago

I stopped reading after first paragraph. Can't trust these rats.

Conzul1990d ago

A game that he played through twice in a row is "mediocre".


fenome1990d ago

How do you downvote the site? This is bullshit, sick of these garbage articles.

zpoc1990d ago

how do you downvote a site?

HammockGames1990d ago


Downvote by clicking the title below "Read full story" (in this case click on

Then click WTF and No.

Never sad to see crap sites like this disappear.

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ThatCanadianGuy5141990d ago

Not to be "that guy" but..why are you guys even reading things post-game launch?

I wouldn't even be on N4G right now if i haven't played the game yet.You'll run into spoilers eventually.

VileAndVicious1990d ago

Agreed. Before I beat the game you wouldn't even catch me here in the comments. Especially after an incident with Heavy Rain I learned my lesson.

ThatCanadianGuy5141990d ago

Yep same boat as me.Heavy Rain got completely spoiled for me and ever since then i've been vigilant as hell.

Now, if only i could learn to apply this kind of effort in areas of my life that matter, i'd be set. lol

wastedcells1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

Is this article serious lol, they shouldn't be writing about games because any real gamer despite there feelings towards Sony or this game can see that the last of us is the furthest thing from mediocre.... If they played through it. Just because you personally don't like a game doesn't mean it's bad or mediocre. I don't like sports games but I wouldn't say FIFA is mediocre.

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Dlacy13g1990d ago

I am, mediocre just isn't a description I would ever think to put on this game. You may think there are other "better" games but this isn't mediocre. At minimum its good...but I personally feel its a great game.

Knushwood Butt1990d ago

The 3 reasons he lists are can all be experienced in the first play through the game, yet this guy went on to play through a second time.

So I have to ask the question, if the game is so mediocre, then why play through it a second time?

Hydralysk1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

Furthermore most of the issues he brings up in his first 2 points (too much ammo drops, stealth on infected is too easy) can be fixed by upping the difficulty...

TLOU isn't perfect by any means, but most of the criticisms he brought up in this article don't hold weight.

cleft51990d ago

Just a click bate article anyways guys and it's heavily full of spoilers.

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