Complete Grand Theft Auto IV Achievement List Revealed

You've all probably seen the pictures with the achievement names by now, however the guys over at have gotten their hands on a list of descriptions and point totals to match up with each individual achievement. As of right now, this list can't be endorsed as anything more than a rumor, however they are confident that this most likely is the actual achievement list. Thanks to Ki11erC for getting this exclusive list! To view the potential achievement list for Grand Theft Auto IV, click the link below.

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-EvoAnubis-5417d ago

"Let Sleeping Rockstars Lie 10G

Kill a Rockstar developer in a ranked multiplayer match."

I like that one. It's cool to know that they'll be playing the game with us.

EZCheez5417d ago

I got stuck on one of the islands on Archipelago with Dylan Jobe (PSN-The GoatAss) in Warhawk. He wasn't using his headset but I can't blame him. His ear probably would have fallen off if he had one. I also played with a guy from Incog named Mr. McBones. He actually congratulated me because I was the only one to outscore him and come in first in over ten games in a row.

It's definitely a perk that for the most part only happens in video games. I hope these achievements translate to PS3 "accomplishments."

ZTO Jamie5416d ago

I expect this one will be a viral achievement, much like the one in Guitar Hero 3, where you had to beat a creator of Guitar Hero.

Breakfast5417d ago (Edited 5417d ago )

Achievements and trophies are gonna do alot for this game. I beat San Andreas 100%...happiest moment of my life...but i got nothing to show for it, except a plane and a tank at my house. To bad i still dont have the original xbox or id be showing it to everyone :(

whoelse5417d ago

Hope these are coming to the PS3 version!

TurdStationPee5417d ago

If you want achievements, you need a 360.

heyheyhey5417d ago


but if you want 3D trophies, you need a PS3

and judging by your user name- i think you need to take a little holiday in the open zone

TheExecutive5417d ago

@ turdstation...

huh thats funny because Dark Sector and DMC have them... I am pretty sure that they will include these in the ps3 version of this game. they will also support home and give us trophies on top of acheivements.

Krazie x360a5417d ago

They're supposedly coming to the PS3 in the form of accomplishments, but it's still not clear how exactly they'll relate to achievements yet, even though they've been implemented in some games. I guess you'll get trophies for your Home, but not sure if you'll end up getting an overall score like with the 360.

Utalkin2me5416d ago

Click on the ps3 tab at top of page and see if you see it in the news.

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kg73105417d ago

people are saying the game sucks just because of the achievements. GTA isnt supposed to be made for achievements its made for us to play it and have fun. jeez

RecSpec5417d ago

Hahaha, good luck with "Key To The City"

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