Spartacus Legends Another Example of Online Only Play Negatives

VGR: Spartacus Legends puts you in the shoes of a Roman Lanista. You buy and then train slaves to become Gladiators. The game is an online only game similar to Diablo 3 and many others. While the bulk of it is single player, you are still dependent on being connected to the game servers.

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hazelamy1962d ago

i tried playing it last night.

i'm glad i didn't pay for it.

sovietsoldier1962d ago

i love how the game wont let you pull some moves off because it wants to win and in the process of doing that it lags out the game. i also find it really funny how much money they want for 3000 gold coins in game, i was like WTF!!! "im not bill gates"

still not as bad as world of tanks.

Ares84HU1962d ago

I wanted this game to be good but it really is not.

DestinyHeroDoomlord1962d ago

My one gladiator was killed because I lost my connection to the server more than once during a match...