World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition beta weekend kicks off tonight

Polygon: "Beta testing for free-to-play massively multiplayer title World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition will pick up tonight, developer announced today on the game's official website."

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Roper3161938d ago

can't really call it free-2-play if you have to pay for XBL to play it.

Rusty5151938d ago

I think the same could be said for free games on PS Plus. Hypocrites...

MysticStrummer1938d ago

Which of the PS+ games are labeled "Free to Play"?

So far, the "Free to Play" games announced for PS4 are in fact completely free.

Rusty5151938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

@mysticstrummer: Im not talking about f2p games. Im talking about Sony's "Free" games that you get if you PAY for ps plus. It's the same thing bro.

xHeavYx1938d ago

You got owned, bro!
@Roper No need to try to have them understand

MysticStrummer1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

"It's the same thing bro."

No, it isn't.

Peace and good gaming.

aceitman1938d ago

@rusty515 those are 2 different things f2p are the games that let u play the full game but give u the option to buy add ons . And if u have ps+ or not u can play it for free without u having to buy ps+ but on the 360 its not free for say. U have too buy xbox live gold in order to play the game. So its really not free on the 360 unless u have live gold. And because someone brings it up it doesnt mean there a ps3 fanboy. Its because some people see something wrong the way ms is dealing with it. U should be able to play f2p games without xbox live gold.

Rusty5151938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

@aceitman: I completely agree. I don't believe in paying to play online at all tbh. That's why I game on PC. It's just that this site is filled with so many Sony fanboys it's annoying. I have a ps3, and im getting a ps4 for single player exclusives. But some fanboys on here act as if Sony's like the second coming of god or something. Newsflash, they're making you pay to access the other half of all retail games on ps4. I don't care that I can still play F2P games on ps4 for free. That's how it should be.

And @xheavyx: just shut up dude. You sound stupid.

EDIT: Yes. Go ahead and downvote me and continue to suck off Sony's wang by paying to play online with the PS4.

maniacmayhem1938d ago

Remember when people used to actually comment about the game related to the article and not have to drag in insane, technical, fanboy crap?

No... neither.

aceitman1938d ago

@rusty are u talking about these free games with ps+

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Animal Mutha 761938d ago

True technically but I guess to those already invested in XBL gold it is a freebie. I assume from your comment that silver members don't get access?

YNWA961938d ago

Shut up... If it was on silver you would complain about having to pay for ISP.

Dread1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

Can't really have a comment section in N4G regarding positive MS news without a sony fanboy being first providing a negaitve spin.

Go play oyur "free" games in PS plus and then stop paying for PS plus and see if you can keep it, you hypocrite.

and of course, now that all you sony fanboys will be forced to pay to play online games with the playstation 4, I guess its now fine to pay for online play.

On point:
I am really looking forward to playing this :)
looks like a very good time.

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lento1938d ago

Have this game on my computer. Very fun and addicting!

sovietsoldier1938d ago

when war thunder releases tanks it will kill wot, mark my words.

Nocando1938d ago

Oh my frigging God! I was actually gullible enough to think that this article would be free of negative comments. But, alas, I forgot where I was.

cyguration1938d ago

I would play this game, but I don't feel like paying for it.