TW Cable Streams Live TV to Xbox, But Still Requires Separate Set-Top

Sorry, Time Warner Cable customers, you can’t throw out your cable box yet: You’ll still need to rent at least one set-top or DVR from the operator to receive live TV through the Xbox 360 game console.

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NYC_Gamer1940d ago

What about Fios?that's my service company.

Cmk01211940d ago

still need a set top box,they cant negate that, its not a replacement for tv just a means to make gaming/tv experience more seamless

Anon19741940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

Of course you still need your cable box. Was there some confusion regarding this? When did they say the 360 would replace your cable box? Did I miss something?

NYC_Gamer1940d ago

I'm asking if this kind of service will be available for us Fios users too.

ExtoVert1940d ago

microsoft announced that there are only a select few of cable providers that will be capatible with the X1, and only in the US other countries and regions that feature will be useless, at least for awhile.

2pacalypsenow1939d ago

If your Cable or satellite provider don't require a Box then No

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jwk941940d ago

Why is this article so negative?

TheBrit1940d ago

The fact you have to have a main box is nothing. The fact that you can stop paying for additional setup boxes each month and have that covered under your gold plan is decent. Now if you have a 360 you can drop the cable box in your bedroom and use the 360 instead.

Cmk01211940d ago

i like the perspective. as long as the box your dropping isnt a dvr that makes perfect sense and is a means to save money.

Godmars2901940d ago

And once upon a time the media server movement was about ditching cable. Force cable companies to move to an a' al carte model.

maniacmayhem1940d ago

They are still trying to get that law to pass on top of capitol hill. It sounds good but from what I read doing this wouldn't have much effect on your bill.

kingPoS1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

I'm already there with my WDTV and Western Digital router with a huge HHD plugged in.

Cable... what's that??

Not be rude or anything, but I don't like having to sift through hundreds of channels. It's bad enough that they cram so many ads in that Tv show run times are sometimes cut short.

Cable free and proud of it. lol

Dlacy13g1940d ago

we all knew the cable boxes were still required..not sure why people would think that isn't the case. I will be very interested to see how the interface looks for someone they partner with vs a cable provider that isn't partnered with.

Wikkid6661940d ago

Cable box isn't needed... They are just requiring it. There is zero need for it. It's IPTV

kingPoS1939d ago

If IPTV were a reality in America, then why are we still hamstrung with lease boxes. Why is the potential of the cable card going to waste?

Supermax1940d ago

Hope cox cable is next I then can drop one cable Box that is 20 a month wich would save me 240 a year on my cable bill.2 years time my Xbox one would pay for itself.

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