Soul Saga reaches Wii U Kickstarter stretch goal

Soul Saga will be making its way to Wii U following funding collected through Kickstarter. The game was guaranteed to be made for the console (as well as the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita) once the goal of $80,000 was reached. That happened just a short while ago, so expect to see Soul Saga on Nintendo’s console sometime in the future.

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-Mika-1939d ago

Yes, It coming to the Vita. That all I care about. I will definitly pick this up when it released.

jcnba281939d ago

Yes, It's coming to the Wii U. That's all I care about.

FriedGoat1939d ago

At least we know there will be one sale on the Wii U.

psp2roundup1939d ago

Me too, Vita greatness awaits!

Sephiroushin1939d ago

Thanks to the playstation announcement. and I don't say it, someone asked mike on his own youtube video, why funding was increasing so fast and he replied with something like "I think the Playstation announcement did that!" and yes funding started to increase fast after the Playstation announcment ...
Nonetheless is nice to see the game coming to ps4, psv, wii u pc etc ... I wish he gets the funds he need to make the full version he wish to...

Concertoine1939d ago

is this ONE guy going to program it for all these different platforms?

kwyjibo1939d ago

It's built on Unity, so that should already do most of the heavy lifting.

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