How the brutality of combat in The Last of Us reflects human struggle

GamesBeat exclusive: The Last of Us game designer Anthon Newman discusses how the moment-to-moment action of smashing skulls elicits panic, anxiety, and chaos -- all together underscoring the struggles of the game's characters.

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deantak1940d ago

I'd agree that the difficulty of dispatching each enemy makes it a lot harder to be superhuman. You have to rethink how to fight in a video game.

BabyTownFrolics1940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

i love the game for the way it adds emotional complexity to traditional gaming devices, like 3rd person shooting and melee combat. I have never cared so much about why I'm pulling the trigger or bashing the skull as I have in this game.

Another thing I find amazing and moving is the way ND has found a way for the player to feel emotionally invested in such a diverse cast of characters.


The black siblings, the gay character, and I'm about 70% through the game so I may be missing something.

I thought ND did a great job of insinuating social commentary without bashing it over our head. There is no PC BS, just that groups you may have no real life exposure to become simply human in this scenario. It's quite the accomplishment in my opinion.


"It’s our view that games are at their strongest when every element, from the music to the graphics to the mechanics, reinforces each other and plays into an overall message — into a cohesive whole,” Newman said. “Hopefully we pulled that off with The Last of Us.”

I think ND most definitely "pulled that off".

BabyTownFrolics1940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

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I meant to reply to HammadTheBeast, pressed the wrong button:

Ellie finds Bill's gay porn mag, "Bear King":

That's why he didn't want her snooping through his stuff.

"It is implied that Bill is homosexual, and he mentions his former partner Frank. He says that although he once cared about Frank, he decided it would be best to go it alone, fearing for his life. Bill is saddened when they later find Frank's body. Ellie also steals a gay pornographic magazine from Bill's safehouse, jokingly asking Joel, "why are the pages all stuck together".

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tigertron1940d ago

I actually felt like I was really killing in that game, particularly when I was strangling people.

Kudos Naughty Dog.

darkronin2291940d ago

Kind of interesting to consider Newman's words when you're playing it the second time around or on New Game+ (like I am). Since I know the story now, most of that narrative tension/struggle is gone. It doesn't stress me out as much as before -- in fact, I find a lot of pleasure just exploring the levels again, or dismantling enemy groups now that I know where they tend to move around.

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