Meet The New Boss... Same As The Old Boss

Ever since a certain irascible primate began throwing barrels at Mario, boss battles have been an inextricable part of gaming history. From classics like Metroid to modern-day epics like the God of War series, they've long served as a point of climax; a final test of all the skills that the player has been challenged to master throughout the game.

But do we really need boss battles?

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creatchee1940d ago

I don't know about a final boss, but there definitely needs to be a climax that tests all of the skills that you've learned throughout your playthrough of the game.

The Last of Us didn't have a final boss, but the hospital scene at the end was a fitting climax and final test.

Hydralysk1940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

That stills runs into some pretty iffy territory when considering games like TWD, Dwarf Fortress, Tetris, Super Hexagon and more.

Games don't need a climax, narrative or otherwise, but it's often an extremely satisfying way to end a game, especially for games with story elements.

Hicken1939d ago

Same as the old boss? Oh, no. I won't get fooled again.