Soul Sacrifice Gets Two New Free DLC in Japan, Iron Maidens and Gods

Sony Computer Entertainment continues to deliver new content to Soul Sacrifice players in Japan, and today the publisher announced two new free DLC that will join the game’s already large bounty.

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rezzah1989d ago

Some messed up monsters. Look forward to beating them.

Blank1989d ago

Wow im loving this idea of the god DLC cant wait for all these to hit the US the current DLC is awesome but that god DLC is at the top of list of must have.

tiffac0081989d ago

Awesome new monsters to sacrifice!

nick3091989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Sony just made the way gamers will love them even more, publishers, learn to make FREE dlc.

slivery1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

I can't wait for this in the U.S. but what sucks is no one ever plays the DLC, most the people in this game just grind levels and don't even work on their offerings.. They are so noob when they come to harder missions.

I see so many lv.99's with the crappiest low ranked offerings. Then you have all these Chaos noobs (no offense I have both Chaos and Holy at 99) always kicking people cause they think they are so bad ass.

Pfft my 99 Holy can do as much damage as my 99 Chaos especially since they nerfed the living shit out of Chaos now. I used to have 750 attack on my Chaos... Now it is only 450.. Ugh..

Wish there were more bosses like Levathian also hopefully those will come with DLC.