The Ultimate PS4 Games Compilation - Spot Your Favourite

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Which PS4 game are you most looking forward to? Check out our video montage featuring all the hottest PS4 titles.

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Majin-vegeta1964d ago

KZ:SF&Order 1886.

Every time i read The order 1886.I get this in my mind.

Marcus Fenix1964d ago

im getting a PS4 at launch and an XB1 few months after, my PS4 list for the launch period is:

1-Battlefield 4 which im mostly excited about.
2-Watch Dogs which blew me away at last year's E3.
3-Need For Speed: Rivals, I liked the weather effects of the game so much, they also brought back my fav car brand, Ferrari.
4-Warframe (free to play).
5-Blacklight Retribution (free to play).
6- Driveclub (PS+ edition).
7-Killzone if I had extra cash, the lighting effects of this game r simply jaw dropping.

my XB1 list:

1-Deadrising 3, it's amazing to see such a great number of zombies on the screen and im gonna kill them all, or not!
2-Forza Motorsport 5, my only gripe with the game is no weather effects and no night racing, other than that the game kicks ass.
3-plants vs zombies: garden warfare since it'll release first there.
4-Killer Instinct, the particle effects of jago's fireball r eye-catching (free to play).
5-Titanfall, fast-pace fps with robots running @60fps, sign me in.

that's all I can remember for now.

Bonez_VsTheWorld1964d ago

KZ:SF & the division

Lookin looking forward to playing

FamilyGuy1964d ago

No idea, so many to choose from and so little money :(

Clover9041964d ago

Wow, I love it. From AAA games to indies and free-to-play, PS4 is going to have the best ecosystem for games. Day one!

James-GAMES1963d ago

if were talking about all the games announced for ps4, kingdom hearts 3 BY FAR, but if were talking games that have been demoed Knack and infamous: Second son.