Minecraft sells 10 million on mobile

Daniel Kaplan from Majong Games, developer of the immensely popular Minecraft, today tweeted the sales figures for all 3 platforms the game resides on. Not surprisingly PC leads the pack with 11 million units sold while Xbox 360 pulls in 7 million sales. The biggest surprise however is..

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KwietStorm1965d ago

I just don't understand the craze.

Anon19741965d ago

I don't either. I couple of years ago I was sitting in a classroom where an excited student wanted to show me his version of the Death Star he had built with noting but mined obsidian in Minecraft. He said it took him 8 hours.

I just don't understand.

SilentNegotiator1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Too many aimless, create your own experience, often alpha ("early access"), titles are becoming super popular these days. It's how they make it seem like you're getting "additional" content as opposed to buying into something in the middle of being finished.

It would be nice to see some indie devs release a COMPLETED game and get attention like that.

Timesplitter141965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

10 million on mobile + 11 million on PC + 7 million on X360... and lets say the average price paid is 10$...

...280 million dollars for Notch who made minecraft in his basement. (well he doesnt get all of that for himself but still)


ThanatosDMC1965d ago

What i do not like about Minecraft is how unstable and how unoptimized the game is for something that sold millions. It's like he left it to modders to fix his game.

Soldierone1965d ago

Well considering he made a deal with Microsoft, Android and IOS have minimal fee's, and PC sales go directly through their site. Plus the game normally sells for 15-30 dollars, not 10 dollars.

So yeah, pretty that amount of money is going right to him. lol

maniacmayhem1965d ago

It's just like LBP or any other game that gives you the freedom to create pretty much anything you want.

Coach_McGuirk1965d ago

I completely understand the craze.

BattleReach1965d ago

I've downloaded it illegal.

zerocrossing1965d ago

Minecraft, Minecraft everywhere.

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