The 10 titles you should keep your eyes on

GC writes - E3 is over and all the cards have been laid on the table. The Xbox One has it’s exclusives as does the PS4, but we are not looking at exclusives today. Today we are looking into which titles that are still a ways off, but should be eagerly watched. Some of them may have gone under your radar so here we are to bring them into your peripheral vision.

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gamernova1964d ago

Accidentally read The 10 tities instead of titles. Time to get some sleep.

MWH1964d ago

I don't think sleep will fix it buddy.

DarkBlood1964d ago

The Evil Within
Star Wars Battlefront 3
Mirror’s Edge *prequal*
The Walking Dead: 400 Days

those are what im looking forward too

Geovanny1964d ago

The first three on the list interest me the most. The Division looks great!

ColeMacGrath1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

No PS4 exclusives? Lame.
I've already picked my own:
-The Division.
-Dying Light.
-Killzone: Shadow Fall.
-InFamous: Second Son.
-Watch Dogs.
-Mirror's Edge 2.
-The Order: 1886.
-The Dark Sorcerer.

b3ast1964d ago

yeah its lame my fav so far is killzone SF

levian1964d ago

I never tried Mirror's Edge, mainly because I find it hard to shell out for a short single player campaign. Other than that - oh and Killzone -I'm looking forward to every other game you mentioned.

Just FYI, The Dark Sorcerer isn't a game, it was just a tech demo video.

ColeMacGrath1962d ago

Whoops! sorry, my bad. :(
I've replaced it with Kingdom Hearts 3.

Intentions1964d ago

I look forward to all next-gen games tbh :P

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The story is too old to be commented.