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The Last Of Us offers few new ideas when it comes to apocalyptic fiction, but there’s not a lot wrong with the execution of that tale, and like BioShock Infinite it’s well worth playing just to see the kind of potential in interactive storytelling that even non-gamers will be impressed by.

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TheSuperior 1938d ago

Great review and deserving score. Glad to see that others realize the game is actually not flawless but still very very very good.

BlackTar1871938d ago

Pretty damn near flawless though.

The combat is good the stealth is good the story is good. Really not many areas it could even be improved upon.

Tiqila1938d ago

when i wrote almost the same on a similar article/review i got so many disagrees... glad Im not the only one that thinks the game is not flawless but still a masterpiece!

BlackTar1871938d ago

Im not arguing with the score btw. Just pointing out its closer to perfect then 98% of this generation of games.

Hicken1938d ago

It may have something to do with the content of the review. There are a couple of reviews submitted here that are utter crap, but still give a pretty good score. People have problems with those.

If, however, the same score is given, but the review matches that score AND sounds reasonable, then people tend to accept it more readily.

Of course, there will still be those who just go too far, but that can be said of just about any game.

Wintersun6161938d ago

No game is or ever will be flawless. TLoU is damn near though and thus deserves all the perfect scores IMO.