PlayStation’s Dad Ken Kutaragi Thinks of PS4 as His Grandchild, Hopes that it’ll make you say “Wow!”

The former CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Ken Kutaragi is also known as the “Father of PlayStation”, and now he sees himself as the grandaddy of PS4, as he expressed during an event in Tokyo. He also talked on how he wanted to implement the cloud on PS3, and hopes that PS4 will make people go "wow!"

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Walker1965d ago

I say holly mother of god now and then !

RedHawkX1965d ago

his grand child when it grows up will have to decide on what type of man he wants to become. console of steel!

TrevorPhillips1965d ago

I don't say WOW, I say OMG!

Can't wait, not long to go :)

Abriael1965d ago

I have to say that people seem to be a lot more excited about this upcoming generation than they were about the last.

Septic1965d ago

Its been a long generation. But as they say, good things come to those who wait.

Lwhit61965d ago

I honestly think when we pick up these next gen consoles (wether it be PS4 OR Xbox) we're going to be blown away from how amazing these games will look and how fast these systems will run. I'm really excited, really really excited for what this next generation has to offer. (by the way the PS4 is going to look better and have better games. JUST SAYIN ;) )

Majin-vegeta1965d ago

PS4 already made say wow when the announced but when they gave the price at E3.I was like.

Abriael1965d ago

I honestly was jumping on my seat and laughing like an idiot.

r211965d ago

Its awesome to see the father of PS comment on the PS4 :D

majiebeast1965d ago

He passed the torch to Cerny.

He is still responsible for 2 of the best consoles we have ever had. He may have gone overboard with the PS3 but the man is still a legend and the PS3 is still a beat even in its 7th year.

scheme_a1965d ago

Looking at his interview, I think he was a little too ahead of his time. He wanted to do what Gaikai is doing in PS3, and that's way before the word "Cloud" was popular!

Godmars2901965d ago

If he had been more open minded, rather than manipulative and allowed the PS3 and the Cell to be more accessible, he likely still would have a job at Sony.

Minato-Namikaze1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

He still does have a job at Sony (I think), or is honorary chairman considered a job at a company?

Edit: He is a senior technology advisor, dont know if that counts.

Gimmemorebubblez1965d ago


He resigned in 2012 as an honorary adviser. You see in 2006 he ran for CEO of Sony but lost to Sir. Howard Stringer, that is why he stepped down back then.

DOMination-1965d ago

He is ceo of Cellius which is owned jointly by Sony and Namco. They had three games in development for ps3 that looked awesome but sadly in seven years all they've released is Ridge Racer on Vita

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The story is too old to be commented.