Are the PS4 and Xbox One really that expensive, historically?

At E3 earlier this month, Microsoft and Sony both coughed up a lot of long-awaited information about the new consoles they want us to buy this Christmas. Sony was roundly declared the winner of this pre-release skirmish, making all the right noises about intellectual property, panopticonnectivity, and perhaps most importantly, price.

Game consoles are not inexpensive, and the PS4 undercuts the Xbox One by a significant $100. They also undercut the $599, top-end release price of the PlayStation 3 by $200, showing a bit more price sensitivity this time around. Of course, those were 2006 dollars, which makes Sony's real price reduction for the PS4 even steeper.

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Timesplitter141936d ago

I don't think people think they're too expensive. It's clear they're less expensive than last gen at least

dedicatedtogamers1936d ago

The term "expensive" changes definition based on what is going on with the market. A $1000 TV is very cheap or very expensive depending on how much money you make.

And our current economy is objectively worse than it was back in 2005-2006. Even the $400 PS4 will be "too expensive" for a lot of people.

komp1936d ago

You have to understand what money is and what currency is to realize what is expensive or not.

Go back to the time referred to "historically" and look at the cost milk, bread, butter and cheese and meat and compare that to today.

Inflation, it is theft of your money.

Look up, fiat currency and remember the federal reserve is a privately owned bank whos owners are a secret. They control the value of "money"

OT: Things fluctuate in price as well due to foreign exchange rates, they have to consider this.

JsonHenry1936d ago

I think they are cheap by comparison when taking inflation into account.

thebudgetgamer1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

If the Neo Geo was released today it would cost over a thousand dollars.

The NES would cost four hundred dollars.

The 2600 would cost almost eight hundred bucks.

Not only were they not overpriced but a great value.

insertnamehurr1936d ago

My PS2 was more expensive than the PS4.

hennessey861936d ago

500 dollars then you are..............well I will keep this polite, you are misinformed. Consoles cost a hell of a lot to develop and manufacture and compared to let's say an iPad they are great value for money. Unlike the iPad that will have a new model next year the console is built to last 5 years plus (hears rrod being whispered into his ear) they are cheap for what you get in my opinion.

Cernunnos1936d ago

I wish they cost a lot more, so that they could include more future-proof hardware.

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