Xbox One Dashboard Created "With Advertising In Mind"

The Xbox One dashboard is being created "with advertising in mind" according a member of the Xbox LIVE advertising team.

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mushroomwig1939d ago

Yeah, just what the gamers wanted.

Wizziokid1939d ago

As if they didn't make enough money off Gold...

Blacktric1939d ago

Even at their reveal event, the dashboard was cluttered with ads and other unnecessary crap. This is really, really sad.

pompombrum1939d ago

This is hardly surprising, the current Xbox 360 UI is exactly the same, adverts galore.

JokesOnYou1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

Yeah its not so different from 360 where there are game ads(deals, add ons, dlc crap etc), movie ads and music ads alot of which are revelant to me....if you take it out of context Im sure you sonyfanboys think they are advertising "xbox dish detergent" though. Pretty sure whenever I do turn on my ps3 sony wants me to buy stuff too.

MajorLazer1939d ago

Sad to see paying members seeing the same ads as non paying members

pompombrum1939d ago


I can load my ps3, stick a game in, a blu ray in, do almost everything I want without seeing a single advert. Don't get me wrong, I prefer the 360 ui personally but to suggest Sony is just like Microsoft in this is completely not true.

ThanatosDMC1939d ago

"Pay an extra $20 a month for 20% less ads."

The_Con-Sept1939d ago

It's 2013 and you still got ads for burger king on your home screen. Like futurama and the "eye phone."

dillydadally1939d ago

To be honest, it wasn't all the DRM crap or the price difference that turned me away from xbox to ps next gen, it was this. The xbox 360 dashboard just got worse and worse and worse until it was nothing but ads being shoved down your throat. It's dumb enough that they charge for online play, but then to barrage me with ads?

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Donnieboi1939d ago

People pay, and you STILL get ad's. So why isn't Xbox Live Silver version free? If MS gets money from Ad's, then some of it should be used to at least let people get MP for free (or at the very least--let u use the netflix and hulu accounts without an additional paywall). And Gold just be used to eliminate ad's and get extra features like Xbox TV and all that other crap that nobody really wants.

The Meerkat1939d ago

To be fair I wouldn't have known about the FREE Spartacus game if it wasn't for the adverts.

Baka-akaB1939d ago

Or you most likely would hae found it about it by browsing the list of weekly demo and stuff .

I dont buy into the usefulness (for gamers of course , not business) of ads thrown on any of those services .. especially paid ones

Cueil1939d ago

ads sit in a corner silent and only play when you highlight them... not an issue... occasionally they'll have an ad that grabs my attention... as for the games/music/movie "ads" those are less ads and more about content on the service...

SixZeroFour1939d ago

regardless of the ads being there, i havent been on dashboard to notice what it is usually advertising until i go on stories like this to find out what ads ppl complain about...what i DO usually remember tho are the games that are on "sale" or some kinda gaming promotion like virgin gaming tournaments

the ones i will complain about however are the video ads(usually kinect ads) that usually pop up when you are watching some kind of for ads on dashboard, i have absolutely no problem with

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GamerToons1939d ago

I think any dashboard is made with Ads or sales in mind.

No I am not sticking up for MS, but I am just being honest.

Minato-Namikaze1939d ago

XMB was definitely no created with Ads in mind.

dillydadally1939d ago

No, to be honest, xbox's is just over the top. It's impossible to play a game without being barraged by ads of every sort. Sony's never had ads unless you went the the actual game store. After all the DRM crap, it was actually this that turned me off from xbox the most. I could see the direction they were going.

3-4-51939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

One of the good parts about playing games is the NO ADS....

The focus of everything on XB1 should be games.

They haven't listened to anyone and I don't think they want to.

Heartnet1939d ago

By the morons on n4g you'd think that halfway through campaign I get some pop up add for dish soap...

Jeez ms advertises deals etc with their dashboard to inform customers and make a nice lil profit...

BattleTorn1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

Do we all forget Microsoft saying in their press conference that the Xbox One dash with me completely ad free!???


KiRBY30001939d ago

from your link:

"We designed the Xbox One dashboard to make your favorite games and entertainment even more front and center. Advertisements will not be visible on the home screen, so you only see what’s most important to you."

keywords here "not visible ON THE HOME SCREEN"

they will be visible outside of home screen. so no, its not "completely ad free" as you said it.

slazer1011939d ago

@aiBreeze. Not trying to bash on you but that's technically inaccurate. There is always a scrolling advert at the top right of the XMB under the clock. I even saw a advert for eye drops the other day on there I was like WTF!

I can understand advertising games or movies because that pertains to things on the consoles itself. Games devs want there products to get noticed. What I would have a problem with is advertising things like Pepsi or tampons, basically things that don't have anything to do with gaming or movies.

Hicken1939d ago

Imagine my surprise when I discovered years ago that I could turn that little scrolling thing off completely.

Where's the option to turn off such ads on a 360 or XBOne? In my wallet?

slazer1011939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

You can't turn it off. Nice try.

Edit: if your talking about changing the date a tricking the system. That's really not an option per say to turn it off.

MikeMyers1939d ago

I haven't seen any ads for tampons. I doubt we will see that on the Xbox One either.

That is what the dashboard will look like. It has to do with services provided. I find it odd people will complain about that and on top of it complain when they have no intentions of buying the Xbox One anyways.

slazer1011939d ago

@MikeMyers. First of I wasn't talking about Xbox at all. I was making a comment about advertising. Period! I was not trying to say Xbox was going to have tampons ads either. It was a generalized statement. And know where in my comment was I complaining. Please take your fanboy comments and stick them where the sun don't shine.

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AngelicIceDiamond1939d ago

Man you guys complain allot, about every little thing. people on Xbox play games not ads, obviously.

maniacmayhem1939d ago

Turned on my Xbox...

Saw an ad for Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep
Saw an ad for Magic: The Gathering
Saw an ad for Redemption movie which you can rent on the 360 (not to be confused with Raid: The Redemption, which was EXCELLENT!)
Saw an add to reserve the X1
Saw an ad to watch the Xgames on my 360
Saw an ad to play Fruit Ninja

All these ads are services, games and movies that are directly tied to the 360.

Also my cursor is automatically on the GAME so I can turn on my 360, instantly press A and play the game currently inside.

Yes, just what gamers on the 360 need. To actually know what content is available on the 360. Who would have thought right...

infamous-butcher1939d ago

I love the way it's shoved in your face too. /s

infamous-butcher1939d ago

this is just what gamers who pay for a premium service, which should negate the need for advertisements, want.
fixed that for you there.

BallsEye1939d ago

It was fkin stated on e3 on stage that there will be no ADS so please stop spreading lies.

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Wizziokid1939d ago

Just what I want on my console adverts clotting up the UI.

Keep going MS your doing great!

Cueil1939d ago

yeah... no one wants to know about new content on the service... the "ads" that people are complaining about sit in the corner and don't even play through unless you specifically highlight them... you're over exaggerating a non-issue

Krew_921939d ago

This is an issue, simply because Sony does the same, not the Ads, I mean the same that they inform about new deals and events from the home screen itself.

The What's New section reveals deals and other things in its own very section, also the updating bulletin at the top right keeps on displaying news, all without intrusive Ads.

If you tell me saying this is a non issue is like try to avoid the issue itself, by telling everyone to turn a blind side to these kind of business practices you'll only make the problem worse. Then other companies will start doing the same...

Lockhart1939d ago

Should users really have to put up with advertising even if they are paying for their membership? I can understand to an extent with silver members who don't pay.

Heartnet1939d ago

Lol try arguing that with Sky TV lol.

But at least Xbox adds are related to the system and he inform customers about deals and new stuff xxD

Rai1939d ago

Whats the point of paying for it? I would expect it on the PS3 since it was free but that doesn't have any ads.

stage881939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

Congratulations MS, you're giving costumers exactly what they want again....