Microsoft and Time Warner Strike Major TV Deal for Xbox 360

In a major deal struck this morning, Time Warner customers will be able to watch their content via Xbox Live on the Xbox 360.

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refocusedman1938d ago

So basically people who have a cable subscription can now use their xbox to watch cable instead of using the cable box in which u pay a monthly fee to rent. :-/

Upstate89871938d ago

and you only get 300 channels...with your cable box, you get way more than that!

Game4life1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

it depends what you pay bro

I have time warner and i sure i have at least 400 channels

Rusty5151938d ago

I have over 1000 TV channels......And nothing to watch.

Seraphemz1938d ago

He means that with the Xbox.. You ONLY get 300.

With your regular box... you get more.

LOGICWINS1938d ago

Right..because you know how many channels EVERYONE gets on their cable box, regardless of what plan they have.


HammadTheBeast1938d ago

This is pretty useless. Pay $60 for Live to unlock the ability to pay for a subscription to Time Warner. I don't see the point in using the Xbox as a simple component cable.

CerebralAssassin1938d ago


its useless for u maybe. I dont watch more then 20 different channels on. Even if you have over 1000 channels available to watch. How many of them are spanish channels? Theres like 9 or 10 espn related channels. Realisticly you watch a fraction what you pay for. This is just a added feature for xbl. If you pay for live to watch tv and thats it your a dumbass. Thats no reason to nullify xbl or the deal they work out.

kreate1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

i just hope this isnt like the how the cable works currently on the 360.

i tried to watch tv via the xbox live and even though i have those channels, i cannot watch it via xbox live becuz i need the HD form of those channels, or it needs to be compatible to the ones offered on xbox live.

i cannot watch the channel simply becuz i have the channel. microsoft made this so complicated and stupid.

out of all the channels they offered, only 1 channel was fully compatible with my time warner cable.

let's see how this deal works out, hopefully i can watch all those channels i have.

u guys need to try this out for urself first, its not what it seems, or maybe im just retarded and couldnt get it to work properly.

perhaps its the type of cable package u need from time warner cable, i advise u specifically tell time warner cable u want the package that can be used on the xbox live.

NukaCola1938d ago

All the apps online completely trump cable. I can't believe I ever paid for hundreds of channels and only watched like 3 or 4 at all.

HULU and Netflix = $15. Xbox LIVE and Cable = $120 plus. You watch the same stuff on both. Just seems like a complete jip.

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GiggMan1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

That not really a bad thing as far as a second cable box option goes. As long as the Xbox One can handle the stress of being on a lot. Monthly fees for cable boxes are too high (especially HD boxes) I'd go for this and save about a $120 a year.

Now If the Xbox bricks then you are out of a cable box and console. :-(

jahcure1938d ago

i'm pretty sure you will get charged a fee to access TWC, or any other cable app for that matter, through your xbox. Do you think they would give up revenues from extra cable box rentals in a "deal"

There's no "deal" for TWC if they lose revenue through less cable boxes rented.

Something to think about

CBaoth1938d ago

An HD converter from my cable provider costs me $1 a month. That's $12 a year per set to watch HD programming on any additional TVs I own. They DO charge $7.95 a month for a HD converter with DVR functionality and 500 gigs of HDD space. To each his own but I'd rather spend the $96 a year and get a DVR with 500 gigs of storage space than own a set top box for a voice cognitive UI and a $60 a year fee to access programming I already paid for.

jdktech20101938d ago

I could be wrong but I think you need a cable box and the xbox acts as a pass through. You can't just use the xbox as your cable box.

At least that's how I took it at the reveal event.

RedHawkX1938d ago

no you pay for your cable box 120, xbox, and xbox live
cable box = $15-20 a month
cable = $60+ a month
xbox one = $500
xbox live= $60 a year (could have a low monthly fee with these new features.

prices are adding up. you got car payments to make, insurance payments, video games to buy, loans etc

simple solution to all of this is get a ps4 saves you money

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TheBrit1938d ago

It allows you to use your xbox as a cable box instead of paying another monthly fee for a box in another room. At least that's what I believe it will do.

jahcure1938d ago

there's slight to zero chance that TWC will give up revenues in extra cable boxes, just for you to circumvent and bolster microsoft's revenues.

expect an additional monthly access fee somewhere along the way.

Makish1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

the truth ( for me at least)
Cable/phone/Tv- $115
xboxone - $500
3 years of live- $84(black friday deals)

well i can still pay for my car and other bills, and still get a PS4( just hoping i can get some deals on PS+ because i have never payed more then $36 for xbox live)

3-4-51938d ago

What is the benefit though.

I want to play games....somebody wants to watch tv....what happens then ?

In a normal situation....I would have the xbox hooked up not to the main tv so I could play when I want to....makes sense huh ?

This just actually causes one more problem, unless you live by yourself in which case it would probably be a decent feature.

If your using the xbox to watch tv.....then it's gaming features serve no purpose, and why wouldn't you just watch normal tv anyways.

If your not gaming and watching tv..there is no purpose for the XB1....if your gaming...there is no purpose for the cable....

Can't do both at once like you can with Wii U so where is the appeal ?

It actually realistically/potentially causes more problems than it solves.

Mounce1938d ago

Microsoft: "b-b-but, Gamers who play Gears/COD/Halo love TV and Time Warner, right?! - Xbox One is so much better because of this!"

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Dno1938d ago

Great when can I play it? oh? its not a game...... oh duh why would there be games talk on a games console.

Kalowest1938d ago

Technically you can play it, you start up the app!!!

YNWA961938d ago

Oh yeah, I agree, much better to stay in the last century. If apple did this it would be awesome...

HammadTheBeast1938d ago

Where's Apple's game console?

YNWA961938d ago

Look up 'If' in the Oxford Dictionary.
Thank you, have a nice day.

LOGICWINS1938d ago

The hell? Who told you u could "play" a tv app?

Seraphemz1938d ago

"live TV channels to Xbox 360 for Xbox Live Gold members"

so you have to pay for Gold as well... gotta love it.

TXIDarkAvenger1938d ago

Doesn't matter.

Next gen, you will pay for Live or PSN+.

Seraphemz1938d ago

Yeah, but I can use Netflix and other apps WITHOUT paying for online as well...

TXIDarkAvenger1938d ago

Well its a game console not a netflix box LOL.

LOGICWINS1938d ago

Damn, Pachter was right.

Cherchez La Ghost1938d ago

I guess people don't see the big picture of what's going on here. Most of you are shunning away with this option the One can do. MS pulls this off with most cable subscribers and can offer the One for customers for a cheaper price (smart marketing move).

Now, fact is there are some guys out there that will use the One for the Sports Fantasy and NFL Sunday Ticket. I game early. And when 12 pm hits, I'm watching Fox Sports and NFL all day. #ManLaw

LOGICWINS1938d ago

They see it, they just pretend that they don't for obvious reasons. If MS subsidizes the One with a two year Time Warner cable contract, it'll be an extremely successful business move.

NihonjinChick1938d ago

But MIcrosoft has never said that's what they're going to do. You can't see something that's not there.

nukeitall1938d ago

Remember how Netflix is one of the most used functionality of consoles?

Well, what do you think TV will be? There are far more people watching TV than playing games. This is great news and I hope this comes to other cable tv providers. Also, please include Xbox One!

I will be skyping, watching TV and gaming at the same time. Xbox One really DOES everything!


I couldn't resist. Disagree away, I don't care.

Godmars2901938d ago

"it'll be an extremely successful business move."

That will mean nothing for gaming.

In fact, MS could give the XB1 the current level of support they're giving the 360. Which is to say minimal. Rely on 3rd party support.

exsturminator011938d ago

Microsoft hasn't announced any kind of subsidization deals. Maybe one day, but I don't think they'd have held that back at E3 when they announced the price if it was going to be something available by launch. It would create a fiasco of cancelled preorders, tension with retailers, and more confusion if they announced it anytime between now and November.

As it stands, Microsoft's message is "You can buy the device for $500, pay $60 per year for Gold, and then tie it to your existing cable subscription." Great news for anyone sold on the Xbox One, Xbox Gold, and cable in general. Not particularly exciting for anyone that doesn't fall in that circle.

@LogicWins and @Cherchez La Ghost - You guys aren't pre-ordering the device then I presume? You're waiting for the subsidized pricing, correct? Not poking at you, just honestly wondered what your plans were with the assumption that subsidies were coming.

LOGICWINS1938d ago

^^I'll be buying the One when it hits $399. The subsidized thing doesnt interest me personally.

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