Microsoft Runs Damage Control on Lumines

Lumines Live has turned into a marketing disaster for Microsoft. We knew the game was a testing ground for the microtransactions movement, but when the company's own employees are admitting they weren't clear about what "full version" meant when purchasing Lumines Live, the response should be: !

Has Microsoft essentially admitted to pulling the wool over gamers' eyes?

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ASSASSYN 36o4470d ago

I agree with the article and I am glad I didn`t buy this crap!

LegendaryMark4470d ago

I selected "Buy full version" and paid my money, so why haven't I got the full version?

I was looking forward to this game and I do really enjoy it (apart from that damned annoying music which there appears to be no way to turn off), but the number of times I have tried to do something only for it to tell me to "Purchase the 'X' pack" is really frustrating.

Get it together on this one, Microsoft!!

BIadestarX4470d ago

Weird.. I don't feel like this game is missing anything... I guess people feel they are missing something because they were told they are missing something. I reached level 11+ and I don't see any messages that says, "Click here" to buy level 12. I think microsoft learned their lesson. DO NOT RELEASE 2 PIECES OF CONTENT FOR A SINGLE GAME ON THE SAME DAY. If the advance piece would have been released 2 months from now, people wouldnt even notice.

Hayabusa 1174470d ago

Good 'ole Still eating away at the 360.

Anyway, I'm glad. I didn't buy the game, but if anything discourages video games from turning into nothing but "micro-transactions" then I'm happy. Let's hope the gamers kick up big stink about it.

G_CodeMonkey4470d ago

They better learn their lesson from this one and not try the nickle-and-dime crap. I for one won't be buying any games that are crippled as far as levels, etc. The consumers can only be burned so many times regarding that crap before the economic "efficient market" takes over and then no one buys new titles.. Sony will be taking it on the chin with their driving game where you have to buy EVERYTHIGN. gCM

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