Best Gaming Laptops of 2013: Under $1,200 Price Tag

Unigamesity writes: "The general rule of thumb is that if you want to get a super awesome gaming laptop in 2013, you have to pay a ton of cash for it. But this is not necessarily true as there are some amazing gaming laptop deals on Amazon: we’ve scouted and scoured the online store, browsed through hundreds of laptops, compared and then compared some more and now we can offer you the best gaming laptops in the world for the cheapest prices: the 2013 edition!"

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jeffgoldwin1965d ago

The best prices I find are the refurbished deals at newegg. Bought about 4 ASUS and all have been in mint condition.

Mr Tretton1965d ago

Yuck. Gaming is for desktops. Buy a cheap lap for school/work.

NioRide1965d ago

My entire setup cost that and it has 3 23" IPS monitors.