Harada on how Diablo influenced Tekken | Gamereactor UK

GR-UK writes: At E3 we tracked down Katsuhiro Harada (and his ever-present translator Michael Murray) to find out not only a little bit more about how Diablo has influenced the design behind Tekken Revolution, but also more about his recent disappearing act and why he never takes off his sunglasses.

Harada-san explained how character progression in Tekken Revolution will work: "Fighting games have this particular thing about them, there's no real progression in the game up until now, for someone like myself, when you're playing the fighting game and you'll feel like you've gotten somewhere and your skill level has increased, that all means nothing when you meet someone who's much better than you. It's like "what was that for?""

He continued: "So there was really an interest there to create a system where you're actually enhancing your character and progressing it so that you see the visible results. Much like Diablo, because I'm quite interested in PC games and Diablo and such...

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