MWEB GameZone Review Company of Heroes 2: Frantic & Brutal Strategic Combat

MWEB GameZone reviews Company of Heroes 2. Overall it is a beautiful upgrade from its predecessor.

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HanCilliers1941d ago

Great review! Although WW gaming has been done a zillion times, you will always have the fans

jjdoyle1941d ago

do yous write for the site?

GabeSA1941d ago

The part where you fight in the cold and have to move from place to place to find fire to keep warm is interesting and challenging.

Choc_Salties1941d ago

Looks shiny, and since i never played the original, this might be an interesting title to try! Good write-up!

WelshPixie1941d ago

Nice to see them improving with successive games. Don't get that much.