The Red Dead movie

First teased earlier in the month, a 14-minute Red Dead Redemption movie is now ready for viewing. And it's...yeah.

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SockeyBoy1990d ago

lol It wasn't great but I enjoyed it.

GenericNameHere1990d ago

Meh. Actor looked NOTHING like John Marston. Looked NOTHING like the game (except for the Western/Cowboy setting/theme). How the heck did it go from cowboys shooting, to Undead Nightmare?

BattleTorn1990d ago

If they had cut his hair he *might* have stood a chance at looking like him...

steven83r1990d ago

Entertaining but falls short. I am sure if their budget was higher they could of had something pretty cool here. Problem with low budget films like this is you can see all the flaws and the acing is sub par. I mean look at the budget they need to make up for Jayden Smiths horrible acting.

steven83r1990d ago

Not sure what Freddies budget is but even when he started his films were bad ass. Freddie should do a Red Dead movie. Here is one of his short films if you haven't heard of him. Does a lot of Video Game Short Films.

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