EA Sports on NBA Live 14: 'We're excited'

For the past three years, EA Sports had failed to produce a video game basketball title after retiring its NBA Live franchise in 2010. Sure the company tried to come out with the next generation of its pro-basketball video games with the ill-fated NBA Elite, which never saw store shelves, but that doesn't mean they were content to sit back and watch competitor 2K Sports' annual NBA 2K video games hog the market share.

Instead, EA Sports was looking to get back onto the court (as it were) and bring itself back to video game basketball legitimacy with the return of its NBA Live franchise - a franchise that dates back to the SEGA Genesis days.

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Tuxmask552031d ago

I dunno. I'm not convinced this won't be NBA Elite all over again.

lsujester2031d ago

I used to play that demo repeatedly just to see how many Jesus players I could have out on the court.

But I'm willing to give the new one a shot. But it'd have to be very good to best 2K14 (or even 13 for that matter).

swerve1212031d ago

Im gonna buy both I love to see competition. Ill be so happy when this Madden license is over with. So some other company can motivate them to stop making the same game every year

kewlkat0072031d ago

Competition is always good I suppose..but with way NBA2K demolished Live, I think, the same would of happened to Madden if EA did not buy out the License which screwed up the NFK2K series.

sarcastoid2031d ago

"We're excited"

*cancels nba live 14*

310dodo2031d ago

I hope this turns out good.
I am gonna wait til reviews though

I love my NCAA football, madden, and FIFA's; so I hope EA can give me a good Basketball game

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