Hotline Miami Review [Capsule Computers]

Capsule Computers editor Joe Morgan writes,

"If the game weren’t called “Hotline Miami,” “Violence” could have literally been the name of the game. Though it’s been out for other platforms since late 2012, the game makes its gory, stylistic debut onto consoles and handhelds with this release onto the PlayStation 3 and Vita. How does this indie game stand up now that it’s made it to consoles, away from the safety of a mouse and keyboard? Will it clean your clock or should you curb stomp it? Let’s find out."

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coaidant1991d ago

I want to play this game badly!!

Outsider-G1991d ago

Waiting for a price drop?

peowpeow1991d ago

It was part of humble bundle a week or two ago..

I feel like Ryan Gosling (Drive) playing this game, it's great

ifritAlkhemyst1991d ago has it for 50% off.