Will JRPGs Eventually Disappear Entirely?

Given the unfortunate state of the sub-genre these days, is it possible that it won't survive through the next generation? And would that be a bad thing?

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PopRocks3591940d ago

Ask that to everyone who bought the latest Shin Megami Tensei game. The answer is no, absolutely not.

Donnieboi1940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

I agree, Atlus is definitely helping to keep the genre alive (also Level-5, Monolith, etc) but with Atlus's parent company being in trouble, I'm a little bit afraid.

SMT, RPG Maker and Persona for LIFE!

Edit: Also, the fact that the Japanese still stubbornly use their own engines, instead of developing toolsets for re-use of existing engines, is a reason why Japan has fallen behind. The genre is still popular wenever it comes to the west (no matter how rare that occasion is). The West however, started utilizing middle-ware which sped-up production, at a lower cost. However, Japanese companies keep on relying on home-made engines. As noble as that may seem, it takes YEARS to make an engine.

One of the major reasons why Atlus (SMT's creators) were able to push out so many games is because they used middleware. However, the moment they abandoned that middleware, is the same moment we ended up missing out on an entire console generation of Persona games (Persona 4 came out originally on PS2; Persona 5 STILL has yet to come out, and we're already about to enter yet another generation).

But SMT 4 was able to come out so soon because it used the same engine PErsona 3 and 4 and all the PS2 SMT games used.

If the Japanese start making more efficient tools, like a Japanese version of Unreal--then we can get more JRPG's. Kojima realised this was Japans down-fall, and I think that's why he made the extremely efficient and easy to use "FOX" Engine. And Sony made the Phyre engine to help Japanese devs make quicker games (Like the devs of Dark Souls used that engine).

But the Japanese need to come together instead of just hoarding their own engines. They could make a lot of money and turn their industry around if they leased their engines to one another. At the very least, at least lease the older engines that they no longer use. But they still need good toolsets and level editors for speed and efficiency between Game Designers, technical Artists and Programmers to communicate and get things done TOGETHER, faster. This is the one advantage that the West has had with tools like Unreal.

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Magnus1940d ago

They won't disappear they are very popular over in Japan. Just wish they would bring more titles to North America. Would be nice if Sony dusted off a few of its JRPG franchises like Wild Arms, Dark Cloud, Legend of Legia, Legend of Dragoon.

Godmars2901940d ago

They need to change. Grow. At least the majority of them need to. Be more than basic cut and paste of the first Dragon Warrior.

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