Nintendo isn’t losing to the OUYA’s high-quality emulation of classic games, it’s losing to itself

The PA Report: "I turned on my Wii U to see what the official selection from Nintendo looked like. After waiting to connect to the online store, and then going through the painful menu system I found 27 classic games for sale. That is the total amount of classic Nintendo content I can purchase through official channels. Nintendo isn’t losing sales to the OUYA and other consoles that make emulation an easy, free option. They’re losing to themselves."

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PopRocks3591939d ago

In all fairness, isn't the Ouya losing to itself as well? The thing is not all that relevant. I mean if people really wanted to pirate old Nintendo games so much, I'd imagine they would save the $100 and just get an emulator on their PC.

ABizzel11939d ago

Or their phone considering Ouya is basically a 2012 cellphone turned game console.

MartinB1051939d ago

Would need to have a controller and a TV output from the phone though.

BullyMangler1939d ago

man is nintendo even aware that they are being pitted against others without their consent?

Hicken1939d ago

What sort of nonsense?

BullyMangler1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

ha haa im jus saying that Shigeru Miyamoto = Nintendo has already stated that they do not compete with the rest.

Only losers compete with each other < fact

Nintendo's only competition is time.

guitarded771939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

@ bullymangLer

Whatever... It seems like you enjoy the Kool-Aid.

Nintendo (and others) talk so much crap, it's difficult to tell if they're ever being genuine. 95% of what they (and others) say is PR spin to paint a picture they want to paint.

Nintendo is in fierce competition for a big portion of the multi-billion dollar gaming industry. You'd have to be completely naive to believe they they are not concerned, or in competition with the others.

Nintendo not doing a live presser at E3, was a way for them to have absolute control over what the media and general public see. Minimize chances of something going wrong (ie Zelda Skyward Sword live E3 demo). They are still in the beginning of the Wii U's life cycle, and are minimizing all risk. They say crap like they don't compete to downplay the Wii U's sales.

Hicken1939d ago

First of all, that's not what you said at all. You asked if Nintendo was aware "they are being pitted against others without their consent," implying a need for consent that simply doesn't exist.

Second, we all compete with others, as much as with ourselves. To believe there is no other competition outside of yourself is to be conceited, self-centered, delusional.

Third, and this ties in with the second point, there is no such thing as a company that takes part in an industry and cares not what other players on the market do. Any company that truly believes that either has a monopoly- and thus, no need to worry- or won't be in the industry very long, whatever that industry may be.

BullyMangler1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

(guitar dead)

yur just a goomba /:

Does it make sense to say " Nintendo makes games just to compete with other gaming companies" ?

ha haa yyeahhh

I bring a facts with proof see link above . . and you?

ha haa you bring nothing but opinion, no facts?


Like I said, only losers compete because life is not about competing, life is about being CREATEive < (:

truth hurts huh

and then the (Hicken) tries to attacks ha haa

as for the ( hicken ) If i make a game is it to be entertained and have some fun, or do I make a game just to compete with the rest? < you sound so silly now huh

If i make a game it is because of the EXPERIENCE of it all, not to compete, and most certainly not to make money . money is just one of the benefits of game creation . .

stop comparing nintendo with the followers = sony microsoft . Nintendo simply UNINTENTIONALLY seems to be on top all the time. that fact does not mean they are competing, this aint soccer boiyy . If there is any type of competition with Nintendo it is within their games, compete within the game and challenge each other . .

check up time for both of you huh ):

you both just got mangLed < (:

Hicken1939d ago

... the only thing that just got mangled was the English language.

But hey, you've got five bubbles... somehow. Give it another shot.

BullyMangler1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )


ha haa Haaa

you are left with grammar attacks eh

me no am care (:

Hicken1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

Oh, no. I've far more "left" than that. And hell, how can you even complain, when you start off by calling someone a goomba?

First, you provided ONE link, which might as well be PR speak for all the reasons I've listed previously. Even if Nintendo is content with, intent on, or otherwise set on doing their own thing, to think they don't care what their competition is doing is stupid, naive, and/or both. I'll let you decide which of those you fall into.

Secondly, nobody's talking about individual GAMES. We aren't talking about specifically why they make Mario, or why Sony makes Gran Turismo, or why Microsoft makes Uncharted. But when it comes to the consoles, and the overall philosophy of each company within the industry, you bet your ass they're competing.

Oh, and people DO make games to compete with other games. For the most part, these competitions are third party, because it's hard- pretty much impossible- to have direct competition on different consoles. For example, Forza only exists because of Gran Turismo. 2K and Live duke it out in basketball and hockey, and soon will again in football. 2K and The Show compete in baseball. Call of Duty and Battlefield are rivals. So... yeah, wrong again.

Third, Nintendo is NOT on top "all the time." They lost two straight generations after Sony defeated them handily, and could very will be looking at a second place finish- or worse- with this generation, since the Wii's sales are virtually nonexistent.

Fourth, it STILL doesn't excuse the incomprehensible nature of your first post, which has NOTHING to do with ANYTHING, and is STILL wrong even as a standalone statement.

Was that enough? Do I HAVE to go into grammar? Because you'd lose on that front, too... well, you already have, but not for the reasons you think.

Edit: You're SERIOUSLY gonna need a better grasp of the English language if you wanna argue. Nothing personal, but you really suck at it.


Sony and Microsoft are the video game console manufacturers Nintendo competes against. If you can't grasp even that simple concept- and I suspect you can't- then the entire point is lost on you.

Other M was HATED by many longtime fans of the Metroid series; you probably should have picked a better example.

Again, your "proof" is one link of an interview. It does not, at all, lay out Nintendo's global company plan, or anything of the like. It's as substantial a claim as Microsoft's current "cloud" talk.

Nintendo really "taught" Sony when they cut them out a few generations ago and the PS1 went on to dominate, huh? Or in the sixth generation, when that gen's best- and best-selling- games were on PS consoles. Or this gen, when they "taught" MS and Sony that 3rd parties wanted the machine with the weakest specs.

Frankly, I shouldn't have to bring proof at this point. The Wii's anemic sales, the domination of the GameCube and N64, The Wii U's disastrous start and almost nonexistent 3rd party support... you already know all these things.

If anybody needs waking up, you guessed it: it's you.

BullyMangler1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )


so you are gonna say that Nintendo competes then you are gonna bring up sony and microsoft as exampLes instead of a nintendo exampLe. goomba?

If nintendo competes, then why do they not care if they go first or not when it comes to presenting new hardware? <<<< uuuuuuu

and please, show me a game that is more game-CHANGING and has more IMMERSIVE gameplay mechanics than Metroid Other(M)on sony or microsoft console . there is none my boy ):

what does sony or microsoft win when they still have to (outcompete) the wiener wii? (: ..

truth hurts huh

Nintendo has been around since the 1800's
Who they need to compete with? please wake up.

you think is all about saLes huh . like Justin Bieber you think is dominant because his saLes?

p.s. this some funny shihh rite here ha haa

(((((so you claim that Nintendo competes then you are gonna bring up sony and microsoft as exampLes instead of a nintendo exampLe?)))))


P.P.S. . . . do i have to copy and paste to you all the time the link up above? my proof that nintendo does not compete instead they TEACH.

take it like a man

P.P.P.S. . . if yur gonna say that sony out did nintendo some time some how, please bring proof, atleast give me some exampLes of this . . chatter no is bueno

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MultiConsoleGamer1939d ago

Nintendo squanders their legacy by dragging their feet with the Virtual Console.

Every NES, SNES, N64 and GCN title needs to be on VC ASAP. Otherwise other companies will profit from their content.

PositiveEmotions1939d ago

Lmfao im sorry but the title of this article is funny lol.

No i dont hate nintendo but im not a fan of it either.

TheEvilWithin1939d ago

From what I heard this system is already failing hard. Most Kick starter people have yet to get there system before the general public. If I was this guy I would not be toting how its ok to steal Nintendo's products and be more worried if the thing is going to be around much longer. There getting a HUGE customer back lash about the system. That's not doing good business when your telling people to spend $100 to pirate old Nintendo games.

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