A Parent's Take On The Xbox One's Missing Headset

Game Informer - Yes. I used the word "missing" in the headline. As you may have already heard, the Xbox One will not come with a packed-in headset. Sure, the flimsy headsets that came with the Xbox 360 since launch weren't masterpieces of design, but they got the job done.

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Majin-vegeta1964d ago

Just get a PS4 problem solved.

Sayai jin1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

To you the problem is solved, because you want the games and features the PS4 has...great idea to, but if that parents children want the games that are only on XB1 then why would they buy a PS4?

My house hold will have 2 PS4s and 2 XB1s.

HammadTheBeast1964d ago

They can buy a PC. Many of the biggest "exclusives" on X1 are also on PC.

airgangstarr1964d ago

people will complain about anything at this point its like microsoft is jus feedin the fuel to the fire.. i break those 20 dolalr headsets probably go through 6 a year i only use my astros when im playin on gb or lan matches but heard u cant even use them with the new xbox how much more bad news can u get about a new console lol

CrossingEden1964d ago

new xbox has a reverse compatibility adapter for headsets

Crazay1964d ago

I read that a few places too for high end headsets like the Triton, Astro and TBs.

BallsEye1964d ago

I'd rather pay extra for new high quality headset than have ability to use any random headset. Why? It will end up with what I experienced with Killzone on ps3. Everyone use crap headsets that pick up fart noises,children crying, guests talking, dogs barking 5 streets away, someone eating chips.. and so on and so on. I just couldn't stand playing like that!

CrossingEden1964d ago

the kinect 2.0 literally filters out all of that noise with the new tech its using
see how much better it is

Hicken1964d ago

Ignoring the two ridiculous comments above, it's certainly a step backwards, or should be seen as such. Especially when Xbox fans were praising that every system came with a headset in the box; in fact, they lorded that over PS3 fans.

Now that the tables have turned, you've got them trying to say how unnecessary it is and such.


as a former 360 fan, It still surprises me that some of the MS fans can say all this shit and not see how stupid it makes them look.

Almost Everything the ps3 did wrong when it started that xbfans made fun of, the xbone is now doing or worse... and they turn a blind eye and try and make out that it's all ok or part of some wonderful MS master plan.

MS has failed at almost every step of the way with the xbone and it's a shame to see, especially for someone like me who supported them for so long with the original xbox and the 360.

morganfell1964d ago

After the way in which Sony was constantly and systematically attacked over the lack of X game chat the missing 360 headset is laughable.

It seems MS has found yet another way to force Kinect since buyers will have to use that for voice coms until they obtain an actual headset.

thehitman1964d ago

I praised MS for putting a headset in every box. Dont praise them much when it comes to their xbox division so thats 1 thing less they are doing right this gen lol.

Sayai jin1964d ago

Thats crazy....I still have my launch headset from 2006.

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Yeezus1964d ago

What I love about the PS4 is that you can use headphones u use for your phone...most ppl have a pair already

CRAIG6671964d ago

99% of early adopters of the next box will be owners of the 360, that headset is compatible, problem solved.

Mikeyy1964d ago

*after you buy an adapter. Only the cheap headset is confirmed to work. No word on Astros or expensive sets.

RiPPn1964d ago

And how cheap will that adapter be? Remember this is the same company that sold a 20 gig hard drive and wifi adapter for $100 a piece.

CRAIG6671964d ago

On another note, the headset that comes packaged with the PS4 looks terribly cheap, it certainly doesn't look built to last...

Mikeyy1964d ago

*all headsets are compatible. I'll just use my ps3 ones.

RiPPn1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

They look as good as iPod/iPhone headphones, and they seem to last.

CRAIG6671964d ago

ipod/iphone headphone are the nastiest things I have ever place in my ears... and NOT built to last whatsoever.

KwietStorm1964d ago

How easy is it for a mono headset to break? It's a simple wire with a earbud and mic at the end. There is nothing spectacularly different about the PS4 bud than any other of it's kind, and it's probably on you if it breaks that easily. I wish everyone would chill the f out with these opportunistic anecdotes about the other console when it has nothing to do with the topic.

Why o why1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

Better to have something than nothing though right.. you've not held it or used it. You can only project its cheap but like many have said countless times....people can use their current headsets or pretty much any one they choose buy without the need for a proprietary adapter....Can't really call that a losing scenario can you.

My only issue with buds is that they tend to fall from my ears. Luckily I still have my current bluetooth headset.

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