Destiny: Interview With Chris Butcher From Bungie

NZ Gamer - With the pedigree of Bungie and Activision behind it, Destiny is set to deliver one of the most ambitious sci-fi shooters to date. Over at E3, Angus managed to have a chat with ex-pat Chris Butcher - who after studying in New Zealand, now works for Bungie as an engineer / programmer.

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MizTv1940d ago

I would like to know how many players can join up?

Enemy1940d ago

Can't wait to buy this on PS4 with exclusive DLC and better performance.

bodybombs1940d ago

must be nice to have played it. tell me which halo it was that had RPG and roguelike elements?

MasterCornholio1940d ago

The fathers of Halo demoed their game for the very first time on the PS4 and they promised to create exclusive content for Sonys console.

I'm guessing that you feel betrayed by them for some reason.

Motorola RAZR i


can you really say it's copying halo though, when they created halo?

Enemy1940d ago

Considering Bungie created Halo and they're saying Destiny is the game they always wanted to make, Halo is about to be buried. Destiny is so far beyond Halo I can't even believe one would be as foolish as to compare. Must suck for you to see the game running on PS4, which is lead platform.

Enemy1940d ago

^ That's like telling me I should dismiss all footage, and that I needed to play Uncharted to know it's good.

Do you have eyes?

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