Is It Too Soon to Buy a Vita for PS4?

IGN - All the PS4 news has one IGN viewer thinking of buying a Vita -- but is the time right?

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jujubee882957d ago

Besides, do you really want to leave the fate of the platform up just up to little old me? ;-)

Baylex2957d ago

I love my vita and all the games I have for it.. but I just wished sony listened more to fans... like givins it some new IP's and more RPG..
And I'm not talking about dropping the price, just a little more games...

hakis862957d ago

Well I've actually gone out and bought one after the February annoucnement of the PS4, that pretty much settled it for me.
For people who aren't sure, maybe it's a good idea to wait - prices can only go down, and who knows - maybe there will be a PS4 + PSVita bundle?

DJMarty2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Totally agree, it's the perfect time to get PSVita.

Remote play alone will make PSVita a MUST HAVE, imagine playing all them PS4 games on PSVita's awesome OLED display:)

3-4-52956d ago

Yes and this time next year, we will hear of games we can play via the Vita for PS4....

By that time, hopefully there are a few more Vita games as well.

Kurt Russell2957d ago

I do too, but with the up and coming PS4 my money needs to be locked to my wallet for a few months first :)

lento2957d ago

Same situation! Will deff get it eventually but gotta make sure my credit card can take the hit when my preorderd ps4 ships from amazon!

Donnieboi2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

Wait for Black Friday (or Cyber Monday). That's what I did last year.

Sony allowed Amazon and best Buy to sell it at a rediculously good deal.

I got a Crystal White Vita, with Assassins Creed, PS All-Stars, free PS Plus, and a memory card all for LESS than I would have paid if I bought a Vita alone at any other time of the year--all this sexiness for only $179!!!

That same Vita would have cost me damn near $250, not even including the free games and free ps plus and memory card.

Not only that, but I was extatic to learn that since I already had PS Plus for about 2 years prior to getting a Vita, I learned that I already owned 80 (yes, you read right) games for my Vita waiting for me before I even purchased it. I had free PS One, PSP, and PS Mini games that were piling up, yet I never used them before. But once i had my new Vita, I was able to fill many of these games onto my new 32 GB memory card. Plus we now get full Vita games from PS plus--as long as u have PS plus, it's like your Vita is already paid for. Especially if you get your Vita during Black Friday or Cyber Monday on Amazon

xailes2957d ago

No, i would have bought it in day one. Having a Vita is so cool.

strigoi8142957d ago

I have one and i have no regrets getting it day one..i use it also to download some movies, music and transfer it to my pc or my phone..

GribbleGrunger2957d ago

Nope. Buy it for all the games it has (don't listen to the nonsense) and you'll be good to go when the PS4 releases.

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